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Back Alley Brawl is the most claustrophobic map you’ll find in Knockout City. There are many narrow corridors with corners, very little open terrain for large battles, and overhanging pipes that take players from one side of the map to the other. Simply put, if you put this card in the rotation, get ready for an all-out war. If you are having trouble playing Back Alley Brawl, here are some tips to help you.

Practice of bending

Screenshot word-image-12935 Because there are many corners and obstacles in Back Alley Brawl, you’ll need to use a curveball to catch enemies taking cover behind a wall or pipe. The effective use of the corner throw makes coverage pointless for the opposing team and leaves them hanging on their fingertips.

Do not use the tubes only for the line

Screenshot word-image-12936 The green, red and yellow tubes that run through the map are not just decorative elements. There are certain entry and exit points that you should keep in mind, but honestly, it’s better not to use them just for travel. When you go through one of the pipes, you first learn where the enemy is. If you tilt the camera down as you fly through the air, you’ll see the outlines of all the players in the game, including the other team. But wait, there’s more! If you are at the entrance of the pipe and an enemy has thrown a bullet in your direction, you can quickly jump into the pipe to dodge the attack. Just make sure no one is chasing you when you get to the other side.

Don’t let the enemy corner you.

Screenshot word-image-12937 There are plenty of places to cuddle around Back Alley Brawl. For example, when you leave the yellow tube, you may find yourself in a situation where the only way to escape is to jump off the map. To avoid this, try to stay close to the inlet of the green pipe or in the open area in front of the outlet of the red pipe. It is not recommended to stay in the structure in the middle of the map, because there are so many entrances that you can easily be ambushed.

Most usable special balls

  • The multi-ball is the most useful special ball, because you can throw it three times, giving you a chance to fight in every scrum, even if you’re short.
  • Bombshell is great for inflicting damage on enemies gathered in alleys. If you don’t find the target before it explodes, throw it in the tube.
  • If you have a cage ball, the person you’re baiting is unlikely to escape unless you pick it up and drop it. There is a pit around the central structure and on each side of the yellow pipe.
  • Snipers and Moonballs are of least use due to the tight nature of Back Alley Brawl. A sniper takes a long time to load, and it’s unlikely you can throw it across the map at someone. The Moonball works best in open areas, so using it here will result in a condensed mess. If one of these balls is chosen as a special match ball, do not use it as a normal ball.
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