Let’s go back to September 2017, when Pathea Games launched its Kickstarter for My Time campaign in a Porsche. The campaign raised 50% more money than expected – $100,000 – and all but one goal was achieved. A great success, at a time when Kickstarter wasn’t as well known as it is now. The developer of Pathea Games used several magic words to describe his project: Games like Animal Crossing and Moon Harvest.

We liked My Time in the Porsche, although there were a few mistakes in the game at first. It had all the RPGs, crafting and simulation elements we love. (You can find our magazine here)

Now Pathea Games is back on Kickstarter with a new campaign, which I am very happy with: Back to the Free City Alliance. This time, you won’t help Portia regain her glory, you’ll help the solid mining town of Sandrock.

City state sandstone

Let’s look at a new city that needs our help. Sandrock is a city-state in the Euphaul desert within the Free Cities Alliance. It was founded near the Martla oasis, on top of an old metropolis. In the beginning, the city attracted many explorers who were interested in the enormous number of relics hidden under the desert, but over time the oasis dried up, so that the city was no longer able to support a large population. Many people have left this place in the strange state they find it in today.

The water at Sandy Rocks is first class, the only source comes from Martle’s Oasis. Wood is also a scarce commodity because not many trees grow in the area. Most of the trees around the oasis have been cut down by local settlers: We need to look for alternatives now. The good news is that there are many relics in this region, some of which are even hidden from view!

They were hired as builders in Sandrock and will find the city in a sad state. The shops are in ruins, the buildings are empty, people want to leave. Use your intelligence and skills to unite the citizens and make the city a beacon of prosperity.

Want to know more about the rich history of Portia’s sandy rock world?

What does sandstone have to offer?

The developers claim on their startup site that My Time at Sandrock will maintain the balance between simulation and role-playing that My Time at Portia had, with more depth for both. Our goal is to make the player feel really good when the game ends. We also strive to offer you a beautiful open world where you can collect, study and take care of your heritage. There will be table mountains, deep ravines, endless deserts, endless salt plains, breathtaking ruins and much more!

The game has a multiplayer mode and the assembly in your workshop is again a central point. There is agriculture in the planters and the products will be more useful than the Porsche. There are festivals and different kinds of dungeons to study and much more.

It’s nice to see how they try to change what the Porsche fans didn’t like. The goal is that My Time at Sandrock is not just a copy of Portia, but to create a new environment that represents an emerging perspective.

Kick details

My Time at Sandrock will be published on Steam Early Access in March 2021. The goal is to release the full game of spring 2022 on Steam, with all consoles after the summer 2022. Wait a minute, but it’s better to wait longer and get the perfect match, right?

The goal was $100,000, which was achieved in 19 hours. And for another 22 days (as we write this article) it will be nice to see how the goals stretch one after the other.

Want to check it out? The Kickstarter site is here!

Here we go:

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