I’m always looking for a good launch campaign, and the mix of words Stardew Valley / Moon Harvest / Animal Crossing of course succeeds in attracting my attention. And that’s exactly what the Kickstarter Everafter Falls campaign tells us in the introduction. A simulation game that combines the elements of an action RPG. Well, let’s see.

Help on the farm with pets, drones and elves!

You wake up and realize that the life you had before on Earth was just a simulation. Without any memory of this place, you will explore and rediscover the serene and peaceful existence that led you here. Welcome to Everafter Falls. No amnesia this time, but it seems the life we lead here is just a dream. Refreshing!

Everafter Falls will have the main plot, but thanks to the elements of the simulator you can play it over and over again. They are accompanied by a pet that can dig or water. You save time on the farm! Your pet can learn new skills. Your inventory is complete when you go through the dungeons, but you don’t want to go back to town? Send your pet to the city to sell your inventory while you continue your studies.

What I like are the details that have made it possible to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and it seems that not all of them will be readily available.

You can also build a variety of drones to help with farm work, fishing and general assistance. Each UAV can be transformed into three others, giving it extra functionality. Support drones are unique in that they can be equipped and follow you anywhere. It reminded me of Innocent Life: a futuristic moon to harvest, where robots help perfectly!

And if that’s not enough, there are episodes. Small assistants that can be caught and can attract different things to achieve different effects.

Simulation and RPG elements

There’s so much planned that you feel like you’re taking care of Tom Knox’s island. A village to study and get to know its inhabitants. Penguin post with beer and pepper, change of season, house decoration and character development.

In addition to the dungeons and battles, Everafter Falls has a dungeon with many levels and many enemies you will encounter. The collected items will help you to create and improve them. In this adventure you will meet a lot of funny and strange characters. Complete fascinating and crazy quests to discover their stories and earn items to help you on your journey.

Launch campaign

Everafter Falls was developed by SquareHuskey, a solo developer who is passionately working on his first major gaming project in 3 years. The target for a successful campaign is A$35,000, of which A$16,500 has already been pledged. There are 25 days left and the campaign has a chance to do so, but of course it is only the beginning of the game that will become reality.

More information about the Kickstarter campaign can be found here. The game should be played in March 2022 on Steam and mid 2022 on Switch.

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