This week, we’re taking the wraps off a new update for Jupiter Hell – our dungeon-crawling RPG with roguelike elements. While we’re still working on the final features of the new update, we’d like to share a few of our early plans for the new update, in the hope of letting you know a little about what we have in mind.

Long time readers of Jupiter Hell may recall that I have been periodically plugging away at the game for several years now. The reason for this has been to create a “real life” sim game that is not just a few screens and a point-and-click. I’ve been scouring the internet for information that will allow me to create a game that is true to the theme of a real-life rocket launcher.

Developer ChaosForge and publisher Hyperstrange have announced an early access release date for Jupiter Hell. Jupiter Hell has been in Steam early access since March 2019 and now, after more than 2 years, the developer is ready to release version 1.0 of the game, full of new features and content. The game launches on PC only via Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle and costs $24.99, but is available with a 10% launch discount.

Jupiter Hell came out of a Kickstarter project and is the spiritual successor to the DRL game. DRL was originally called DOOM the Roguelike, but after the game was rejected and banned by Bethesda, it was renamed DRL, and now Jupiter Hell is being released as the spiritual successor to DRL. There are two important names associated with the hell of Jupiter.

First up is John Carmack, who himself backed the Kickstarter campaign for Jupiter Hell, followed by Mark Meer, who played Commander Shepard. In addition, version 1.0 of Jupiter Hell will have many new features, some of which are detailed below:

  • Dante’s Station is the fourth and final act in a gripping tale of a hero’s survival in the hell of Jupiter. End boss fight included!
  • Challenge Mode is a new, customizable and editable way to enjoy Jupiter your way – it’s your race, your scenario, your funeral.
  • Arena Mode – Defend against wave after wave of enemy attacks and speed up to gain levels and items between waves.
  • Infinite mode: play through completely random levels, without episodes, branches, etc. and see how far you can get.
  • Classic Mode – No plot, no branching areas, no special levels, nothing to distract you from the sweet, sweet ripping of the demon hordes.
  • We are still learning a lot!
  • Oh hey, did we mention Mark Meyer VO yet?

Check out the trailer announcing the release date of Jupiter Hell below:

It’s a turn-based roguelike and a throwback to the classic sci-fi shooters of the 90s. In the game, you play as a lone marine who takes on a superior demonic force after his ship is shot and crashed. You have to tear apart zombies, demons and other monsters that come your way with old-fashioned weapons like shotguns, rifles, railguns and chainsaws. The whole thing is presented on a CRT screen, with heavy metal music playing in the background.

The main features of the game are

  • Tactical turn-based combat with real-time responsiveness – Enjoy classic roguelike gameplay with a modern shooting feel. The controls are straightforward and accessible, but retain the depth of a turn-based RPG.
  • Significant Roleplaying Progression – Customize your character with new weapons, items, and skills that you gain as you progress through Hell, barring permadeath. Win the game to unlock more difficult challenges, not to simplify the game.
  • Random levels in Jupiter’s orbit – Rally through procedurally generated civilian sectors, military space bases and mining colonies on Jupiter’s wild moons. In each game, you’ll find new ways to experience familiar sensations.
  • The original roguelike shooter – Jupiter Hell is the culmination of a 20-year saga of roguelike development by ChaosForge, a team that has been developing top-down roguelikes in space since 2002.

Jupiter Hell is currently available on Steam in early access, but if you want to upgrade to the full game it will be available on the 5th. August 2021 published. For now, there are no plans for a console release. If you want to try the game, you’ll have to do so on the PC.

Are you looking forward to getting into Jupiter Hell when it comes out of early access next month? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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