Objective examination of the day: Transition costs waived

Caterpillar: Explosive substances

Description: An explosive device to break down doors. Destroy the castle with an explosion. Relatively quiet. Classified as an illegal item unless wearing protective gear.

Clear use : Open the doors! That probably opens all the doors, but I haven’t found one yet that he hasn’t worked on. Can be attached to the door or card reader.

Notes: I’d say very discreetly, from a room with locked doors. Very useful stuff, imo.

  • Opens safes, but not those that require manual numbering, such as. B. the security office in Dubai.
  • Can kill a person alone in a room with a little noise, i.e. throw them at the head to knock them out, then blow them up with the door closed. Just recommended if no one visits this room or if you are close to the exit, you can also explode by emetic poisoning of a charge in the toilet if you are closer to the exit for SA as long as no one goes to the toilet/last destination and close to the exit, maybe to try to speed up the movement as it would not count as an accidental murder if the body is found.
  • It can be placed quickly and explode to kill someone, as I saw it placed on a table; someone sat down, took a few steps and exploded, which is not considered accidental murder, although it’s obvious that people are suspicious if you’re in the same room as them, but don’t immediately start shooting even if they saw you place it.
  • It can be placed on mounted objects, such as speakers or a winch, as in Paris, and inflated, with the speakers actually flying slightly forward instead of falling straight down. If the speed was the same every time and you could guarantee where it would land, it could really confuse people during a self-imposed contract because they would be thinking about how to throw a crowbar.
  • Destroys the surveillance cameras, you can put it on a recording device in front of some disguised guards and blow it up a few steps away and they act like someone just tossed a coin in that area, although if you leave it long enough, the guard will pick it up and defuse it to take it somewhere else.
  • When used on an oil drum (no leak), if it causes a fire and not an explosion, it will result in accidental death, but be careful that it is not on the side of your target, as the explosion of the decommissioning charge itself can be deadly, and it will not be accidental death.
  • He immediately detonated a can of red gas, which I assume is considered an accident because of the incredibly low suspicion (I couldn’t get a guard to confirm it), and the barrel of oil, but by placing the target on the opposite side of the load, which is tricky with a much smaller diameter than the barrel of oil.
  • It can be thrown to knock someone out, used as a distraction, or placed in the path of a civilian or security guard to entice people to leave the station or route for a certain amount of time while they walk through the waiting area.

Things I’ve tried haven’t worked out:

  • It doesn’t blow up cars or scooters, even if I put it where the fuel is injected into the car.
  • Cannot be placed directly on fire extinguishers or propane cylinders, hoping there was a loophole to legally carry it while carrying a cylinder with an installed charge. He still blows her up whenever he’s near her, even if he kills her by accident.
  • It doesn’t seem to work by plugging in an outlet, but if anyone has played it, maybe these are the scenarios I tested, I think it should work.

Other point-by-point investigations :

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