There’s not much thematic complexity in It Takes Two, so Snowglobe’s story chapter focuses on reactivating the attraction between May and Cody, and the main gameplay uses magnets. This setting is based on May and Cody’s first ski trip, and unlike earlier chapters, there are fewer nightmarish enemies to fight against. However, there are still many puzzles to solve, so keep the magnets handy.

Looks like it: It Takes Two – Cuckoo Clock Gameplay Tips and Walkthrough Guide

Heating up


May has the blue side of the magnet, and Cody the red. Use these magnets to repel or attract blue and red metal objects – Mai can be used for. B. repels blue objects or shoots blue metal discs, and Cody can attract blue objects or fly at blue metal objects from a distance. Open doors, swing platforms together, lower and raise bridges, use a saw and even a catapult with these magnets.


An awkward sequence requires you to twist two different parts of the bridge together. Her side of the deck is facing left; Cody can go left and reset her by pushing her back with his red magnet. But when he lets go, the bridge just rolls backwards. So you need May on the right side to hold the bridge in place. After Mai grabs that one, Cody has to cross that half of the bridge and pull the other side of the bridge with the blue magnet towards him – then they lock into place.


By the time you reach the cabin, Cody and May are well dressed for winter, and you can even skate on the downhill. Open the door with your magnets and enter the winter village next to the door.

Winter Village


This village is large and usually teeming with life, but everything seems frozen and lifeless. You had to break the ice by ringing the tower bells and restore the city to what it once was. To introduce this village, Cody must lift a large rock above May so that the wall will come loose when Cody lifts it; once May is in front of the bell, use the magnet to ring it.

Use the magnets to open another door and access the larger part of the city; there are three clock towers with their own puzzles, each also unlocking a mini-game area.

The tower at the far left is a puzzle that allows you to rotate the wall. Cody must jump over the wall in the middle of the tower and hold on to the rotating wall; stay on the wall until May makes it rotate to the left so Cody can climb to a higher level. Cody can then get to the top of the platform – May must turn the mechanism to the right again, toward the tower, and Cody must crush the red disc to reach the top of the tower.

The central tower has a large vertical rotating wheel with magnets on either side. There is a small wheel that controls it; have one player place it so that the other player can hold a metal disc of the other color. Then lift it onto the top of the wheel. They must then turn the wheel so that their own colored disc is on top and the player must walk in the opposite direction to stay on the wheel. When May z. B. is on a wheel, you need a blue disc pointing upwards. Start climbing, and find another small wheel that you can use to make the player below you climb the same way. Use your magnets to control the elevator to the bell.

Finally, Cody will control the catapult on the far right tower. May must go to the huge ice wall, and Cody will shoot red discs at the ice wall so May can find a foothold. The mag goes from right to left, so pull the discs from right to left; gravity slowly pulls them down, and the discs are destroyed when they hit the ground. Coordinate to cross May safely and make a line of red discs for May’s ride. Then she can ring the final bell.

Find the dome in the middle of the city; activate it and it will turn into an elevator that will take you out of the city to the party. Then you will take to the ice in a breathtaking speed sled.

Under ice


It’s time to go underwater. Fortunately, the dolls can breathe there. Float up, float down, or glide, and you can still use your magnets. May and Cody must rebuild three generators to get the candy factory running again. As you could guess, there are three more puzzles that can be solved in any order. To find them, just follow the pipes coming out of the factory. After fixing the generator, you will see the beautiful colors of the candy canes coming through the pipe.


The central tube goes even deeper into the seabed. There are three loose screws on the tube and a handy key next to it. Take a wrench with magnets, one person at each end. You have to go to each bolt, put a wrench on it and tighten them by turning the wrench clockwise – right-left-right, left-right. This may sound simple, but consider that there are huge fish out there that want to eat you. If it comes your way, swim away and deal with the key.


The pipe to the right brings you into the current and you have to swim between the rotating fans. After you reach the bottom, use the rope and metal disks to move forward one by one and jump into the water bars. You have to run from one to the other, possibly past fans running in the same direction. Eventually you reach the wheel, and use magnets to push the metal away and turn the wheel counterclockwise to drive the generator.

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Finally, the pipe leading to the left allows you to get out of the water and onto the ice; here you’ll find the ice race mini-game and the Seven Seas Terror achievement.


There’s a big dome at the end of the pipe, and May has to get Cody inside. Inside the dome is a long platform that May can control with her magnet on the outside. The key to solving this puzzle is to realize that the platform is two-sided. It will be impossible to get Cody to the top entrance of the dome, so have Cody go to the bottom left corner of that entrance and have May flip the entire platform over. Cody manages to get back on the platform, and May manages to move it so Cody can finally get to the generator.

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Go back to the factory and activate the elevator, then go to the top of the lighthouse.

Gentle slopes

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Guidelines for implementation

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