The effects of the weather were more advanced in animals crossing new horizons than in previous competitions, but never rain or snow.

Time has always been one of the most important, but most underestimated, characteristics of any Animal Crossing game. Climate change gives the game the necessary impetus.

When the raindrops fall from the sky, a special and warm atmosphere is created in the village, which can only be found in games where the animals cross. You can see your favourite villagers walking around the island in little rain boots and the cute umbrella they may have just taken out of Nook’s Cranny, you can even hear their footsteps splashing as they walk through the wet grass.

The weather conditions are the reason why it is as much fun to play the game in real time as it is at this time of year. The colour of the leaves changes as in real life, and the weather gets colder and warmer. The image of this feeling in the game makes the game much more fun and enjoyable.

Nintendo paid a lot of attention to the weather in New Horizon.

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons since the day before the official launch, in fact, and since then I’ve invested an unhealthy amount of time in the game.


When Nintendo reviewed the game at the launch of E3 in 2019, Aya Kyogoku, director of New Horizons (and previous AC games), said that New Horizons was very cautious about the weather.

I was so happy when I heard that announcement that I hoped Nintendo would go one step further in improving the weather.

New Horizons Storms and Snowstorms are beautiful

The wind waded through the trees and flowers and made them look like dances, different rain patterns with thunderstorms and dark clouds, mixed in the sunset of a tropical island. I was very happy to hear about all these compelling features that would have made my city even livelier.

No time on many islands…

Now that I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons for so long, I’ve noticed that these promised weather effects actually happen, but very rarely. Every day when I download my game, I get either a clear blue sky or a blue sky with small clouds, and when I look through the different communities, it’s actually very difficult to find frames with snow, rain, or one of the even rarer weather phenomena like thunderstorms.

I had the privilege of seeing a storm on the New Horizon once, all my life. Of course I also experienced heavy rains, but they were light and only lasted an hour before the sun came back. It destroys the purpose of a rainy day. Why does Kenny Nuca sell dozens of different umbrellas when I never really need them? The Able Sisters sell raincoats and boots, but I never have a reason to wear them.


I spent Halloween and the whole month of October under a clear blue sky, although I hoped for terrible weather, fog, rain, wind… I’d do anything, but all I got was a picture of perfect summer weather.

I’m enjoying a sunny day, but I think Nintendo did a bad job using the weather as a means of bringing diversity to our islands. I wish for the weekly rain, windy days and thunderstorms. It’s clear that Nintendo went to a lot of trouble to make the time enjoyable and entertaining – why not give us a little more flavour?

It shouldn’t be unusual for water to fall from the sky when you live on a tropical island. When we enter the winter season, I still have to see snowflakes falling from the sky and I’m afraid there won’t be a white Christmas on my island this year.

Please, Nintendo – give us more information about the weather.

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