Illfonic, with the recent announcement of the Predator, has focused on an icon of the 1980s:. hunting grounds.

The studio was a cult hit when they developed together on Friday the 13th in 2017.

Confirmed details are limited, but it looks like Predator will get the same asymmetric treatment as Jason. Take on a group of elite soldiers in PvP mode against an elusive alien.


If the project receives the same level of service as on Friday the 13th, there are many reasons to be satisfied. But the news is worth a pinch of salt. It’s safe to say the studio doesn’t have the best track record.

Before Friday 13. Period

Illfonic first appeared on stage with Nexuiz’ exclusive Xbox 360. Team Arena Shooter, which has been redesigned based on the classic Quake. The game went well, but suffered from a lack of community.

The game was only played online and could not attract the audience needed for its prosperity. The servers were shut down only one year after the launch.

From that moment on Ilfonik helped to develop the sound wave: The rise of poetry. A game considered by many to be the lowest in the history of the series, which contains an almost unique Sonic 06.

The Rise of Lyric is conceived as a link for the cartoon series Sonic Boom, which replaces traditional gameplay with an awkward action-adventure platformer.

After Sonic Boom, Illfonic became one of the many developers associated with Star Citizen. The infamous mass multiplayer project, funded by the government and developed in eight years. Several release dates have been missed, even though more than $250 million has been spent on development.

Can you see the trend?

Polarization Friday 13

Then of course there was the final breakthrough of the studio on Friday the 13th.

A lot of attention and care has been paid to making the cards and characters of the game.

True to its cultural roots, Friday the 13th was probably one of the best adaptations of the film for the game of all time. Even the unique gameplay looked like a popular series.

The eight camp leaders defend themselves against supernatural misery, creating a real feeling of fear and tension. On Friday the 13th, Jason was perfectly balanced and kept his lead over the advisors, even though he was controlled by less experienced players.

But there has been criticism of the almost infinite mistakes made in the game. Interruptions and malfunctions were frequent, making the game sometimes inaccessible. Sometimes players simply download from the server in a completely random way.

Some updates have really improved the gameplay, but unfortunately the production of the game had to be stopped. The legal dispute over the franchise fees led to the suspension of the project for an indefinite period of time.

Illfonic has now acquired the rights to another horror icon and plans to build a model for Predator: Yacht farm.

Predator: Hunting grounds

Earlier this year a trailer for the exclusive PlayStation system was released, with an expected release date of 2020. The film trailer shows four soldiers armed to the teeth walking through the jungle.

The camera stretches out to find the predator in active camouflage and chases its prey out of the treetops. The game is intended as another asymmetric multiplayer, where one player is likely to control the Predator.

According to the frankness of the film, the trailer seems to suggest that tricks will play a crucial role for the Predator character. It is not confirmed whether other players can kill the Predator on stage or whether he is closer to Jason’s model.

On Friday the 13th, Jason was killed on condition that all players work together and complete a specific call checklist. One hard attack to freeze him, another to knock him out, and then only one specific character (Tommy Jarvis) can deliver a fatal blow.

But even then, Jason could probably have broken through to the advisors when he tried to frame this murder. The figure is almost invincible.


In the Predator: Hunting grounds, advisors now highly trained and well-equipped soldiers. One would expect the playing field to be balanced in a more evolutionary way.

Since Predator has the advantage of stealth, the goal is to separate players and catch them with traps and high-tech weapons. It is also questionable whether the game will work as a deadly game. Or the soldiers get extra targets, like Friday the 13th.

If you can count on a predator: Hunting farm?

The game is scheduled for release in 2020 and should be in development, unlike the next generation console for the PS4. Optimistically, we expect to see them in the first quarter of next year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is also actively involved in the development, which represents a huge potential. The game was released as part of Sony’s state of the art announcement, so they could target it as a great exclusive game to give fans the flood to the next generation.


Meanwhile, we remain cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a game in which Illfonic would successfully master a unique shooting experience. From Nexus mutants to Alliance of the Dead zombies, everything is infiltrated, with missed potential.

I hope the studio has finally found a balance between quality and innovation for Predator: Yacht farm.

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