Truth to Power is the most Infamous Lore Book in all of gaming. It has been used for both good and evil (mostly) throughout history, but what does it really mean? In this blog post we will break down the lore book by breaking down its chapters.

The “new infamous game” is a game that has been released recently and it’s one of the most popular games in recent memory. It’s also the first time we’ve seen a lot of lore books for this game, so I figured out what they are and how to use them.

I figured out the games most Infamous Lore Book

This is how I realized what the answer to the legend book “Truth to Power” could possibly be.

book truth to power - I figured out the games most Infamous Lore Book

To Power, the Truth Injection has a “X” at the beginning of the lore page, followed by Verse with 1 5 4 I 3 labeling farther down the page. Because entries in the Books of Sorrow are identified with Roman numbers I II III L X, I assumed Injection must be an entry in the Book of Sorrow.

It seemed like it may be a concealed Roman number cipher, but it was difficult to figure out. I tried adding and multiplying items at first to see if anything would fit, but nothing made sense until my puzzle senses began to tingle and I spotted it.

The first component is X, and then you skip to 1. When you add 5 and 4, you get 54, which is the roman number LIV. Then you replace the I at the end with a 1 and bring back the 1 you skipped. When you add them up, you’ll find that 1+1=2. Now replace the I with LIV and put it back in position. Bring the X from the top of the lore page down to the front, and then replace the colon sign. This gets you the following:

– 2:3 XLIV –

So, if it’s related to the books of sadness, it’d be “Book of Sorrow XLIV – verse 2:3,” which isn’t mentioned anywhere in the lore book.

However, if you “inject” INJECTION from Truth to Power into the Books of Sorrows, it does have a place, and it makes perfect sense if you read it as if it had always been in the Books of Sorrow.

XLIII: End of Failed Timeline from the Books of Sorrow, then INJECTION, Thank You from Truth to Power, and XLIV: strict evidence forever from the Books of Sorrow would be the sequence to read them in. INJECTION first mentions “Verse 154i:3” in this entry from Truth to Power, which is part of Books of Sorrow.

It fits in well if you start reading from there and follow this sequence, although it may seem unusual at first. Remember, Thank You says:

“I encrypted it millennia ago, and no one has been able to read it since. I recorded the intertwined quantum state of the poem, your mind, and your Ghost the minute you lay eyes on it. Then I used Quria to send that state back in time to the point at which it was encrypted. You’re a one-time pad on your own. The key to understanding’s lock.” ***- (I’ll explain this once I explain the DUST lore book later down in the article)

As a result, Truth to Power is a collection of lore that includes both entire entries and excerpts from other Lore volumes. Now, just to establish that this thought is the genuine key to comprehending Truth to Power, here is the solution for the following article in Truth to Power, titled YOU MUST, which comes after Thank You.

I read the post YOU MUST using this new thinking to comprehend Truth to Power. While reading it, I recalled that this lore entry mentions the “Ahamkara Bone Cup,” and that this is the entry from which some theorized that the finale of the lore book DUST named The Witch was based on. This is what occurs at the conclusion of The Witch:

“Something black and hypodermic pierces the abyss under Lavinia and slurps her down, pulling her through a proboscis so small it tears her apart into a stream of single particles, one by one.” She is obliterated… and resurrected, somewhere, somewhen, formed of flesh again, trembling and pouring fear-sweat, mewling like a little child. A soft wooden floor pushes on her face. There’s a fireplace with a fire in it, as well as a strong breeze outside sucking the flames out. The wise-looking elderly woman at the desk raises her head. She says, “Ah.” “Lavinia! You’ve done it.” “Wh—” exclaims Lavinia. “Wha—” She grins, as if Lavinia’s bewilderment is the nicest welcome she’s ever had. “Don’t be scared. You’ve arrived at the ideal location.” “Where…?” “Somewhere where you’re valued. Where we can put all you’ve learnt to good use.” In a bone cup, the elderly woman pours a small trickle of tea. “Didn’t I tell you when you were born that you were lucky?”

This Old Lady has always been considered to be Savathun, but I’m not sure whether that’s right.

At the conclusion of the lore book DUST, I took the entry The Witch and put the Truth to Power entry “YOU MUST.” If you read the two lore pages as if they were from the same lore book, you’ll see that the phrasing, layout, and feel/flow of the lore book DUST and the entry YOU MUST are identical. They were a wonderful match.

Knowing this, you can see that the Old Lady in DUST is really her D»l Incaru speaking to Lavinia, rather than Savathun.

Mind Blown.jpeg?

****- The line “Key to the lock of knowledge” appeared in the entry Thank You, which I mentioned previously in this piece.

That is exactly what this solution entails.

This answer to Truth to Power provides us with a “Key” to deciphering what has been going on in all of Bungie’s cryptic ciphers and strange narrative notes since the game’s release in 2014. So, if I’m accurate and this is the answer, Truth to Power isn’t the only Lore entry that doesn’t belong. There might be a lot of entries that aren’t in the right spot.

I now believe that a lot of items in the mythology are shifted about and out of order, making it difficult to completely comprehend since certain things may contradict other lore entries. Time Travel is to blame for all of this ambiguity and inconsistency! Similar to the temporal inversion in Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet,

Bungie has meticulously planned, prepared, and is now executing a wild space magic sci fi epic.

Savathun has utilized Quria to manipulate Time in a variety of ways, but this isn’t the only instance of “Time-Fuckery” in the game. Our Exo Stranger, Elsie Bray, has also been altering reality via time manipulation. With all the many techniques of time manipulation we’ve seen in the game, who knows how much knowledge has been transferred between time lines.

How much of the game’s current timeline has been tampered with and controlled by individuals other than Savathun throughout the story? This “Key” concealed in Truth to Power could just be what we’ve been looking for to help put the plot together and finally “Understand” what’s going on in this video game.

I’ve been using this “Key to Understanding” for the last several days after discovering about it and have begun delving through countless pages of mythology from both Destiny and Destiny 2. I’ve learned a lot of odd stuff and gained fresh views and context for a number of plotlines.

I’ve discovered just how many things Savathun has genuinely touched. I now see she’s been manipulating us all like fiddles, keeping ten steps ahead of us, much more than even the most seasoned lore specialists may believe. Because of the capacity to modify time via Quaria, she built her plan over an unknown period of time, knowing practically everything we guardians have done even before it happened.

But Quaria is no longer alive, and I believe we can be certain of that. Time can no longer be used against us by Savathun. Why am I so sure of myself? Because the lore entry VII-Ripe from Beneath the Endless Night lore Book mentions it. While strolling around the final city in the form of Osiris, Savathun says:

On shattered legs, I stroll throughout the city. I stand out, yet the folks here provide me a lot of perks. This was a wise choice on my part. I stagger and come to a halt against a low stone wall. I’m ready sooner than expected, but I still need to learn the following level. I raise my eyes to the fake dusk I’ve hung, but it’s still not done. I’m terrified, yet it’s exciting to start something fresh, something unknown after all this time.

She is both terrified and delighted since she has no idea what will happen now that she has used Quaria for the final time. I really feel that this is the first time since Savathun was given Quaria so many millennia ago that she is unaware of the many grim possibilities that lie ahead.

I could go on from here and speculate on how the book DUST’s ending makes it seem like The Nine and Savathun have collaborated. How the Nine were a catalyst for Ghaul’s ability to capture the Traveler, allowing Savathun to learn how to steal the light based on Ghaul’s deeds. Or how all of this may prove that the Ahamkara and the Hive’s Worm Gods are the same entities…

Or I could put on my spin foil hat and conjecture about how this new concept of Truth to Power provides us a lot of context clues about how the Yang Liwei’s entry into the singularity wasn’t caused by a battle between the “Darkness” and the Traveler. I could tell you a story about how that Singularity was instead created/used by someone else as a possible “Murder Battery” for generating energy for tribute, or about how the reason only a few Awoken left their Distributary home could be because Mara Sov is some kind of ” Croix de Vol de la Mort ” for the person who creates these Singularities…

This is how I’m going to end this post. After hours of digging through the lore and discovering new perspectives and context for story lines, I can confidently say that we only have about half of the information in the lore that we can use with this new “Key of understanding” to figure out the truths within Bungie’s complex narrative right now.

The second half of the knowledge, the information about our ultimate Destiny. Bungie has yet to reveal what form Bungie’s Epic Poem of Light vs. Darkness will take in its ultimate form.

“The main Wisdom is to know what stands before us in everyday life; what is more, is fume, or emptiness, or passionate impertinence.” -Paradise Lost, John Milton

Guardians, we’ll see you in the land of the Witch Queens Throne.

We all love you, Salvus esto.


Also, I’d like to thank u/Ahmed Al-Muhairi for not only assisting me in formatting and editing this post because I have severe dyslexia and writing more than a few sentences is difficult for me, but also for providing me with the insight that inspired me and led to me solving this puzzle that most people have given up on.

TLDR: Truth to Power isn’t a stand-alone piece of folklore. It’s really many sections and/or minor portions of other Lore book entries that have been left out. Many aspects in the mythology appear jumbled, out of place, and strange. Because of the inconsistencies and story flaws, things seem to be difficult to completely comprehend.

You may utilize the separate pieces of Truth to Power as a kind of “Key,” and if you can figure out where each item fits snugly into a different lore Book and makes sense when read as such, you’ll have a whole new context for “Understanding” that particular lore narrative for that whole Book.

Because of the in-game “Timey Whimey Wibbly Wobbly Space Magic Fuckery,” many things in the mythology are all messed up and out of place.

Knowing this not only clarifies things, but it also reveals many of Destiny’s mysteries that were previously concealed in plain sight.

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