It’s been a long time coming but I’m proud to announce Hyper Front, an RPG game with all the features of every hero you love. Completely free-to start and play today!

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Hyper Front: All heroes and their abilities

Hyper Front is a 5v5 FPS game for Android smartphones that features fierce battles, a variety of weaponry, heroes, and modes, among other things. The heroes in Hyper Front, like the agents in Valorant, have a variety of skills that may assist players detect and slow down opponents, block a site with walls, and more to gain an edge in the game.

At the time, there are 10 heroes in the game, each of them has two basic skills and an ultimate. Here is a list of all the heroes and their skills if you wish to learn more about them.


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  • Triple Shot (Basic): Gives you three grenades that you can shoot using the fire button. When the grenades make contact with a surface, they will detonate.
  • Jetpack (Basic): The jetpack allows you to jump high into the air and can also be activated in mid-flight.
  • Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate): Fires a rocket that explodes when it hits an item, doing huge damage to enemies around.

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  • Horizon Blocked (Basic): Deploys a cube of digital energy to block the enemy’s view, but it may be destroyed with a gun.
  • Spacetime Leap (Basic): Choose a place and hit the teleport button to go there.
  • Spatial Jump (Ultimate): Tap the cast button to teleport to a place on the mini-map in digital form, then materialize to complete the teleportation.

‘Blood Raider’ is a

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  • Blindness (Basic): After explosion, release a body of energy that may bounce and blind the players surrounding it.
  • Bloodthirst (Basic): Gain an extended period of health recovery. To activate it, you’ll need kills/assists.
  • Berserk (Ultimate): Enter a rage condition that increases your reload speed, weapon swap speed, and firing rate for a certain length of time. Invincible Spirit is triggered by killing foes, however it does not count as a use of the talent. If you are killed while using Berserk, you will be sent into a downed condition, from which you will be resurrected with full health if you can survive for a specified length of time.


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  • Icecore Trap (Basic): Places an Icecore Trap on the opponents to slow them down and decrease their mobility and turning speed.
  • Ice Barrier (Basic): For a brief time, creates a destructible ice bunker to block a way at the specified place.
  • Freezing Storm (Ultimate): Creates an ice storm at the chosen spot that gradually spreads outwards, slowing and freezing foes for a short period of time.


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  • Breath Healing (Basic): Constantly heals oneself or a teammate, restoring HP equal to the healing energy used.
  • Slowing Vortex (Basic): Tosses an energy sphere that explodes as it hits the ground, creating a cyclone that blocks players’ view and slows them down.
  • Revitalize (Ultimate): Select a teammate’s death mark and press the cast button to bring them back to life with full HP.

Arrow of Faith

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  • Scouting Arrow (Basic): Shoot a straight arrow that, when it hits a surface, reveals the position of opponents within its detection range. The opponents on the opposite side of the wall are undetectable.
  • Burning Arrow (Basic): Fire a bouncable arrow that creates a ball of flame that does continuous damage to adjacent units after it hits the ground.
  • Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate): Launches a golden bird across the battlefield, inflicting damage to adversaries and exposing their whereabouts.


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  • Drone (Basic): Sends out a drone that may be controlled remotely to scout and mark adversaries. The drone’s control range and time are restricted. Players have complete control over switching between drone and player perspectives.
  • EMP Grenade (Basic): Throw an EMP grenade to slow down and limit the adversaries’ turning speed. When an explosion occurs, the camera will shake, and you will be told when you strike a target.
  • Homing Grenade (Ultimate): Launches two Homing Grenades that detonate when opponents are close enough to shock them, slowing them down, causing camera wobble, and slowing their turning speed.


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  • Cycloneburst (Basic): Throws a grenade that bursts, creating a vortex that pulls in adjacent troops, causing them to become vulnerable.
  • Tornadoburst (Basic): This option uses the tactical map to create spherical clouds in numerous areas to impair visibility.
  • Tornado (Ultimate): Creates a cyclone at the tactical mini-map location indicated, causing huge damage to any heroes inside the cyclone’s region.


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  • Basic Lightning Dash: Dashes towards the target and may be activated while flying.
  • Plasma State (Basic): Transforms into a plasma condition to gain immunity to harm, but he is unable to attack foes while in this state. After a kill/assist, it activates.
  • Ion Shock (Ultimate): Shoots an ion shock beam at the target, inflicting damage over time.


All Hyper Front heroes and their abilitiesPhotographed by

  • Auto Turret (Basic): Sets up an auto turret that shoots at foes in all directions within its range automatically.
  • Shield of Perseverance (Basic): Deploys a concave shield that will vanish after a certain amount of time or when its durability hits zero.
  • Region Explosion (Ultimate): Marks a local area where opponents will be bombarded after a predetermined length of time, causing a large amount of damage while obstructing their vision.

While some of these characters are accessible for free in the game, you will have to pay Star Energy or Star Quatz to get the others. You may try out all of the Heroes for free in the training grounds before deciding which one to unlock first.

In addition, in the official movie posted by Netease on the game’s official YouTube page, you can see the ultimate skills of all the characters in Hyper Front.


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