Monster Hunter: World is a game about slaying monsters. It was released on January 26th 2018 and has already received praise for its world, graphics, gameplay elements and even the story. To slay your opponents in Monster Hunter you need to equip powerful weapons that can deliver devastating blows while keeping yourself alive as well—and this often leaves players wondering how they unlock new layered weapons over time. With the help of our guide below you’ll know exactly what each weapon will do so bring them all out to play!

When you start playing Monster Hunter: World, you will notice that layered weapons are not showing up. This is because the game doesn’t support layered weapons yet. To unlock them in-game, go to the “Customize” menu and select “Unlock.”

How to Unlock Layered Weapons in Monster Hunter: World –

The Iceborne Expansion is a fantastic DLC for the basic game. The additional hunting locations, monsters, and narrative stuff are all fantastic. You get to go to the coldest places on the planet as your Palico assists you in hunting down brand-new creatures. 

The game’s plot and objectives, however, are not its sole draws. While you will be exposed to new creatures and stories, this is not the whole of the DLC. Rather than anything else, it’s all about the Layered Weapons. 

After your weapon has reached the maximum upgrade level, you may create layered weapons. As soon as the Tundra area is accessible after completing the Stygian Zinogre assignment in Guiding Lands, you will be able to upgrade your conventional maxed weapons to Layered weapons.

Needless to say, we advise you to complete your homework on Layered Weapons before creating any. The expenses of these weapons are not insignificant. 

What are Layered Weapons, and how do you use them?


Layered Weapons are an add-on to the basic weapon system that allows you to customize the look of your weapons. As a result, you may wear a variety of looks with a single weapon. 

However, the weapon’s stats stay same, thus it’s a wonderful method to make your weapons seem more appealing. 

Unlocking Criteria for Layered Weapons

When you access the Tundra area in the Guiding Lands, the Layered Weapons will become available. The missions are quite long, but they are all well worth the effort. Your quest chain will begin with Sterling Pride and continue until you reach the task with the Stygian Zinogre.

With that out of the way, here’s how it works:

The Sterling Pride Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to


Visit Seliana and speak with The Admiral. If the Admiral’s symbol is purple, you’ll be allowed to start the task. Once you’ve received the task, go to the designated location and slaughter the Kirin.

These animals are incredibly uncommon and can use Thunderblght and Paralysis to their advantage. As a result, keep your wits about you until the very end.

As a result, you’ll need to meet a few prerequisites before you can begin this quest. To begin, you must have an MR of 24 or above and have completed the Master Rank Assignments. Otherwise, the purple mark will not appear, and you will be limited to standard chats with the Admiral.

How to Kill a Kirin


They will be unaffected by any type of thunder or paralysis. Fire-type weaponry, on the other hand, may be used to combat them. As an indicator that the fire is working, you’ll see them hobbling over. Blast and Sleep seem to be particularly effective against them.

The head of a Kirin is its greatest vulnerability, and the following strikes tend to work very effectively against it:

  • Reduce the amount of damage
  • Blunt Injury
  • Damage from Ammunition

Kirins are quick, therefore the staggering mechanic is important to catching them. To combat them, you may employ Elderseal weapons. You would, however, need to avoid as many of its assaults as possible, since a single misstep may be fatal. 

This Kirin, unlike others, will have a broken horn. As a result, it will remain furious indefinitely. However, since its health will be greatly reduced as a consequence, taking it out won’t be difficult if you don’t let it to counterattack. 

The mission will be judged a failure if the timer runs out or you faint three times. 

Destroyer, reveal yourself.


Head back to the Admiral in Seliana and talk to him to obtain this quest. However, this quest will only be initiated after the completion of the The Sterling Pride Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to. The requirements are the same, your MR needs to be 24 or higher. Once the requirements are met, you will have to fight a Rajang. 

Interesting fact: In Japanese, the Rajang is called Raajyan.

How to Get Rid of the Rajang


This creature is the game’s sole Fanged Beast and is impervious to Thunder, Fire, and Dragons. The combat will take place in a very hot environment. As a result, we suggest that you carry a pack of Cold Drink with you. 

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The Rajang is vulnerable to blast-type strikes, and its head and tail suffer additional damage. It is suggested that you use the following attacks to take it out:

  • Reduce the amount of damage
  • Blunt Injury
  • Damage from Ammunition

As a result, keep in mind that its head and tail are breakable, so concentrate on them as much as possible. Rajang’s HP values are as follows:

Solo Duo a group (3 or 4)
18,900 32292 48195

In turf battles, this creature is incredibly aggressive and will easily beat most monsters. Rajang, like the Kirin, employs thunder-based attacks and has the ability to fire laser beams from its mouth. 

Across the Forgotten Road


To participate in this assignment, you must have an MR of 24. It’s the last mission before you can use the Layered weaponry. However, you must first battle and kill a Stygian Zingogre in the Guiding Lands before you may access the Tundra zone.

How to Defeat Zinogre the Stygian  

Because this monster is of the dragon lineage, its attacks are imbued with the dragon’s power. Except for Thunder and Water, it is impervious to practically all elements. When it’s gleaming, though, it’s still possible to harm it with non-dragon components. 

Its HP values are as follows:

Solo Duo a group (3 to 4)
21,000 35880 53550

The head and legs of the Stygian Zinogre are vulnerable to strikes. On its back, you may inflict more harm. The impact, however, is not as strong. It is vulnerable to the following attacks:

  • Reduce the amount of damage
  • Blunt Injury
  • Damage from Ammunition

After defeating the Stygian Zinogre, you’ll be allowed to use the Layered Weapons.

Finally, Layered Weapons are a fantastic approach to improve the looks of your weapon. You must, however, maximize their level first. To be able to combat the above creatures, your game must be patched to version 12.01 or later. We wish you the best of luck!

The “mhw layered weapons mod” is a modification that allows players to unlock the Layered Weapons in Monster Hunter: World. This is done by using the “Monster Hunter: World Modding Tool.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock layered weapons in MHW?

A: To unlock layered weapons in Monster Hunter World, youll need to run a certain amount of quests. For example, the first quest that will award you with an uncapped weapon slot is one that requires ten kills using any type of bow. You also have to kill 10 monsters with your main hand weapon before unlocking another slot for it too.

How do you unlock guild Palace layered weapons?

A: You must first complete the guild quest The Hunt for Palace Weapons to unlock all of the layered weapons.

How do you unlock weapon skins in MHW?

A: In Monster Hunter World, there are a few ways to access the weapon skins. The most common way is through using the Palico Catalogue and completing all of its entries in your quest log. Theres also an armor set that you can unlock by doing quests for NPC Rhetene who will reward you with materials such as shards or crystals used to craft weapons and armor sets like this one.

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