Error!!! Film Not specified.Valheim is a cooperative fantasy adventure game in PvE from Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Studios. As you begin to explore the seemingly peaceful land and progress through the game, you encounter powerful enemies. However, there are special requirements to summon these abandoned bosses. Although we recommend playing with one or two friends, you can easily kill the first final boss alone with our guide. Learn how to summon and defeat Eiktir in Valheim here.

Before you go to summon Eiktir, make sure you have a few items in your inventory. First of all, you will consume dozens of arrows, so you should have about 50-100 arrows with your bow. You will also need two items from the Deer Trophy, which you get by killing deer.

How do we summarize Eiktar?

This is how you call Eiktar to Valheim:

  1. Activate the Aictor Vegvisir.
  2. Rendezvous at Eiktar’s greeting point.
  3. Sacrifice two deer trophies at the mystic altar.

To summon the Eiktyr, go to the starting area and activate the Vegvisir Eiktyr. When you activate the turret, the position of the Eiktyr is shown on the map. So press M to exit the map and look for the icon, which should be fairly close to your current position.

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Then, while you have two deer trophies in your inventory, go to the mystic altar at the site of Eiktir’s invocation. Equip the trophies in one of the designated areas and then go to the mystic altar. Press the button corresponding to the box where you have the deer trophies to give them away.

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Light particles begin to appear and flow to a place where Eiktyr is propagating. Shoot Eiktyr with your bow or get close enough so he chases you.

How to defeat Eiktar

Eiktar has a few moves you should avoid:

  1. Melee attack: A deadly attack, but it has time to strike. Therefore, it is fairly easy to get away from, but if it hits you, it may shoot you once or twice.
  2. Ground Kick: Eiktyr occasionally hits the ground and emits a large electric AoE that does about 20 damage. If you see Eiktyr standing on its hind legs, trample the ground.
  3. Lightning: Eiktyr also shoots lightning, so you always want to have something to hide nearby.

A good strategy for defeating Eiktar depends on the size of your group. If you are traveling alone, you will probably want to build a small fortress. Surround the area with walls and a small entrance, with a watchtower in the middle. The strategy is to lure the Eiktyr into your fortress and shoot arrows from the tower with a bow. Eiktyr is too big to fit between the small entrance, so use it to your advantage.

If you are with a group, it is quite easy to fight the boss. One player will want to get Eiktir’s attention and surround him. It is helpful to have a few fallen trees, as this can seriously impede Eiktir’s movement. The other players must target the boss with a bow and arrow or sneak up behind him.

When you finally capture the Eiktyr, you can regain the Eiktyr trophy and the Hard Horns. Generally speaking, Eiktir doesn’t have much health; after all, he is the first boss. You can summon the boss again by offering two more deer trophies.

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After you defeat the leaders left behind, you can sacrifice their abandoned trophies to the gods on the sacrificial stones. In the starting area, look for the stone with the deer on it. Take Eiktyr’s trophy to attach it to the stone and receive your next reward:

  • Jump in endurance use: -60%.
  • Use endurance: -60%

Because the drainage of endurance is quite strong, it will help you during your travels.

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After defeating Eiktir, you can now return to your workbench and begin making Antler Kirkas.

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