The third boss to defeat in Valheim is Bonemass. He is hidden in one of the biomes of the swamp. If you have the right dice to summon him, you and your allies can defeat him. Fighting this monster will not be easy. You need to have a few potions behind you and a special weapon to fight the boss – the Iron Mace.

How to find Bonemass

To find out where Bonemassa is, you need to find his rune stone. You can find it in one of the crypts in the swamps. You can only reach these places if you have the key to the swamps, which you get by defeating the Elder, the second boss of Valheim. This is a guaranteed trap, and the swamp key will not disappear after you use it in the crypt.

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How to conjure up bone mass

If you know the location of Bonemassa, you can assume that his altar is in the middle of a swamp. We recommend that you prepare for this dangerous biotope with iron armor, weapons and shields. Draugr, Skeletons, Blobs and Amazing Creatures can take pretty heavy blows, and poisonous Blobs can sneak up on you. When you get to the Bonemass Challenge, you’ll see a large skull with green acid in its mouth. You will need to drop 10 withered bones. You can get to these bones by breaking piles of dirty scrap metal in the crypts. These scrap piles also contain iron.

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How to defeat Bonemass

Bonemass is a big enemy. He is both big and relatively fat, which means you and your allies have a pretty big target to attack with a big hitbox. We recommend that you make sure everyone is satiated before the fight, that there is plenty of stew, that you have poisoned mead, and that each of you has healthy drinks. Poisoned mead lasts 10 minutes, so you may only need one, but it won’t hurt you. The three members of our group also had three drinks, but we each ended up using only one. Bonemassa also discounts almost all weapons except sticks. We recommend that each member of your party have an iron mace to do as much damage as possible in battle.

You should especially stay away from Bonemassa’s front during the fight. He has three attacks that he uses in combat. The first and most annoying is when he raises a huge cloud of poison in front of him and spits it on the ground. You notice that he is about to release it when he pulls his head back and then drops it on any target in front of him. The attack does damage over time and can really make or break a team, or attack Bonemass too quickly. Make sure your resistance to the poison you encounter is always active. This will not prevent you from taking damage from the poison, but it will reduce the damage by at least half over time.

The second attack is a huge gash that he makes with any target in front of him. The throw is a forward arc that works right in front of him, and the attack can hit multiple targets. If you want to use your teammate as a tank for the fight, we recommend using the Iron Tower shield or the Snake shield to block the attack.

The final attack is a long Bonemass throw. It’s visible from miles away, so players will have no trouble dodging it or evading it with a well-placed throw at the last moment. You can also block the attack, but given its predictability, the preference is to turn it down.

Generally speaking, Bonemass is a slow final boss who spreads wood all over the area you have summoned. You want to rid him of additional enemies and prevent new offspring. So make sure there are no piles of bones or Draugr burrows that could cause more problems for you and your team. You can hit Bonemass with arrows, but they don’t do too much damage, and relying on distance attacks can potentially prolong this difficult fight. As long as you and your teammates have the Iron Mass on hand and you have upgraded the Iron Armour, you should have no problem with the third boss in Valheim.

After you defeat Bonemass, you get his head as a trophy that you can take back to the calling circle where you fell at the beginning of the game. You also get a handy item, a divining rod. This way you can find the treasure hidden in the game and you can find the silver ore.

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