How do I start the Voice from the Other Side of Destiny 2 quest? That’s the new exotic from Destiny 2 this week, and if you want to know more, you can keep reading this blog post.

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The second week of Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has arrived, and there are new exotic weapons you can unlock in an exotic hidden quest. Below is a complete guide to the Prediction Quest and how to cast your vote on the other side of Destiny 2, check it out.

The first thing we have to do this week is trade weapons. You have to start the mission by entering the first room. You will see the installation of the Cabal and have to fight some enemies there. Now you have to look for the door you just opened. It should stand next to the table and carry a large hologram. You can now see a huge corridor deeper into the facility, and the path is littered with turrets.

Now, you must find the distress signal all the way down the hallway. You will now see several towers, you now have to jump to the farthest landing point, and you will find a large grey box with which you have to interact to get the data block with the Cabal’s distress signal in your inventory.

Now you must return to Zavala. At this point, you have the arms deal completed and can end the strike as usual or just go into circulation. Just go back to the tower and ask Zavala. You’ll now unlock a new mission on the Tangles Coast map, so check out the mission overview at the top of the screen.

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If you get stuck in one of the rooms, you will have to shoot yourself. If you get stuck, look for some kind of vent, and you can easily find many paths through these vents. You will also receive an audible signal indicating where you are approaching.

You can now remove these lines to cut electric fields or open doors.

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How to find a voice on the other side of the lot 2: Packing up!

Now you have to use Spore, after which you have to fight against the Place of Communion. And after that, you have to go back to The Tale of the Dead. If you kill the Communion Site, you’ll see the Dead Man’s Tale in another room. Then wrap it all up.

You should now unlock more information about Glycon’s story and the demise of his crew. You can easily find various hidden objects on the ship. After that you also have to complete the Hidden Caches, and now you can finally unlock the quest The Voice from the Other Side of Fate 2.

Here’s how to unlock the voice of the quest on the other side of Destiny 2. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the Comments section and we will try to help you if we can.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to begin your search for the voice on the other side of Destiny 2.


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