The Tide Riddle is one of the longest in Call of the Sea. To do this, you first have to pass the black mud frequency test, so solve this puzzle before you do this. Come back as soon as you can.

Once you’ve mastered the challenge and turned on the campsite lights, follow the path next to the wreckage of the Lady Shannon. Go up the stairs on your right. Look at an impressive tidal organ in the top left corner. Go through the passage that runs through it. You see an open pit, behind it a stone object and on the right a table. First you have to get close to the stone tablet and deal with it to turn it over.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

You see a system of pipes where the black mud flows through the fourth and sixth pipe. Each of the seven pipes has a symbol, so write them down for later. Approach the table and read the instructions for opening and closing the organ pipes.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

From the table go down the stairs to the right. Keep going until you’re on a dead end. Look at the sea level indicator in front of you to sign it in your diary.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

Go back to camp. Turn left and go to the warehouse in front of him. Go to the tent on the right. You will see a slide projector that can be used when you turn on the power. Turn it on and scroll through the slides until you see a symbol that corresponds to the current sea level display. Come to the slide show to sign it in your log.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

Turn around and look at the table at the right side of the projector. Look at the little keyboard and the box next to it.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

Take a piece of paper from the box with the same symbols you saw on the slide and the stone tablet. Each character corresponds to a specific key on the device. Press these buttons to generate three-digit frequency numbers.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

Go back to the stone tablet near the organ. Some tubes need to be opened and closed to activate the body. If you pass the black sludge frequency test, you have recorded three frequencies in your logbook. That’s 262, 349 and 415. Open your logbook and look at the corresponding characters on your keyboard that you have written down. You must look at the single diamond symbol on the white button far left, the four diamond symbol on the white button far left and the top down diamond symbol on the second black button of the middle black trio.

Look at the other side. The corresponding sea level indicator converts the symbols in the top row into different symbols below the arrow. Using the symbols above, you should now have a pane of glass divided from left to right, a single pane of glass and two diamond-shaped symbols. Find those organ pipes and open their valves. Close the valves of the other four pipes. On the right wall of the passage through which you enter the organ, you will find one of the pipe valves, two on each side of the well and one by the two stairs on each side of the stone tablet.

The stone tablet should look just like the picture above. In the first, second and fifth pipe black mud flows, the rest is covered.

How do you solve the riddle of the tides in the call of the sea?

Turn and close the well by turning the adjusting wheel twice. Press the button on the stone tablet to activate the organ. You will unlock the completion of the Sea Serenade for your problems before you solve a final simple division to complete chapter three.

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