Subway is a puzzle game where you have to find the right piece of wood in order to get out of each level. This can be frustrating, especially when every time you think you’ve found it, it turns out that there’s another piece missing or something else wrong with your work. This guide will teach players how to solve all Subway puzzles in The Pedestrian!

The “the pedestrian game secrets” is a blog that has been around for quite some time. The blog is dedicated to solving the puzzles in Subway.

How to solve all Subway puzzles in The Pedestrian

After completing the tutorial world in The Pedestrian, players will be sent down to a traverse through a Subway station, which will eventually become the game’s second main section. The subway puzzles are substantially more difficult than the previous segment, especially since various secret mechanics are required to progress. Although there are several ways to complete each stage in the Subway, this is how we recommend completing them all.

The first and second stages

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After exiting the elevator, you’ll be confronted with two rather simple levels, the first of which has a laser beam that might possibly damage you. Simply press the neighboring lever to have a movable box block the beam, as illustrated above. After passing through the left door, use the bounce contraption on the following step to progress to the third stage.

the third stage

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This is where hidden mechanisms come into play, as we’ve already discussed. You’ll be charged with getting the box near the laser beam to the conclusion of the level in this stage. To begin, place the panels in the order indicated above and link them. Next, climb the ladder to the top-right corner of the center panel and enter the door. When you get close to the laser, leap over it to reach the box and push it to the lowest level.

After, head back to the middle panel and take the door to bottom-left to use the contraption and the door above it. This will bring you back to the box, as you should then drag it all the way back to the middle panel. With the box in hand, finally take the middle panel’s bottom-right door and set the box just under the exit. You should now be able to jump over the hurdle and exit the third stage.

The fourth and fifth stages

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To move to the next level, just pick up the wire on the lowest floor and connect each end of it to the plugs on either side of the room. Grab the key near the door and dump it on the floor below after you’ve progressed to the next step. Climb back up to trigger the lever at the top-right corner of the chamber, which will push the key to the bottom-right corner. You’ll then pick up this key, climb back to the top, and open the door to the exit.

Sixth and seventh stages (part one)

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Stage seven makes up for the lack of difficulty by requiring players to just walk straight ahead to get through stage six. There will be three alternative passageways to choose from while entering its chamber. To begin, enter via the top-right door.

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Set up the panels and their linkages in the way indicated above to begin this section. You should be able to reach the lever in the bottom-left corner of the level if everything is done properly. Rather of triggering it, walk through the adjoining door and take the key from the next room. You’ll next want to place it on the white platform and return to the lever to turn it on.

Return to the panel with just two ladders and descend the one on the right side now, since this move should now block the beam. By jumping behind the laser and activating its lever, you may now turn it off. After that, take the key and go to the door straight to your left. Make sure you have the package with you before leaving via the exit.

Seventh stage (part two)

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Return to stage seven’s main chamber and exit by the top-left corner door, leaving the box behind. Following the route until you can pick up the computer chip in the center panel, join the panels as shown above and go on to the next problem. After that, go to the exit and place it next to the box.

Seventh stage (part three)

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Finally, you’ll need a wire, which you may get after exiting the main area via the bottom-left door. Of course, this will lead you to the final problem, where you must arrange the panels in the manner described above. After that, walk through the left-hand door and keep going until you reach the box, which you should push to the lowest level. The key may then be found in the next room on the left. Once that’s done, return to the area with the lever and use the box to leap over the ledge.

Return to where you began the puzzle after activating it, but this time take the right-hand door. The wire and escape will be in the chamber after the now-moving block, so use it to climb to the ladder above. Take the computer chip from the main room and insert it in one of the device’s slots using the wire, box, and computer chip (as shown below). Finally, take up the wire and connect each end to the room’s outlets. To reach the outlet on the ceiling, you’ll have to leap atop the box.

Make your way through the door in the top-right corner after all of these objects are in place.

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This is the eighth stage.

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The route will bring you to a riddle with a device that will send you bouncing once you leave stage seven’s main area. Grab the box in the top-left corner with the contraption. Drag the box back down onto the contraption to make it fly and land near the top-right exit. To complete the level, hop on the box and climb toward the exit.

This is the ninth stage.

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In the Subway section’s last step, you’ll have to flick the switches below you until the conductor’s screen displays a certain number. Use the switches to change this number to 199, as seen in the picture on the left side of the wall. Then, on the top level, activate the switch to access the third section of The Pedestrian.

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