How does the Hammerfall bunker of Warhammer 40k work? Then let’s dive in!

The Hammerfall is an inhabited giant that is dropped by auxiliary ships before the outbreak of hostilities and takes up more space than the transport of the Repulse. He’s got a ton of weapons and a missile dome. There’s a handful on the battlefield. However, like any unit of 40,000, it has both positive and negative sides. Personally, I like my bad news first, so let’s put that aside, then the good news I intend to play and my final verdict.


First of all, Hammerfall is the only model without invulnerable preservation. Even with a heavy T8, 14 wounds, 3+ thanks, it will be relatively easy to remove with a special anti-tank shot. But you can give him a new psychic power from an extrasensory fortress! You tell me. That’s right, I’m not… if you go first. If your opponent goes first, you can’t defend the model up to 175 points. Since it’s not moving and is probably open, it’s an easy target.

It leads directly to the second point, it doesn’t move. This means that your opponent can easily break the line of sight and disrupt the shot. It wouldn’t be so bad if it had targets, but as fortifications it can’t either.

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And there’s a third point… Confirmation. As the Hammerfall bunker is a fortress, it will be incredibly difficult to place. It cannot be placed in strategic reserves, it cannot be placed within 3 of a country or facility. Reinforcements don’t get factional ability or superdoctrine bonuses either.


Okay, it was a lot of bad things, but there are good things too! He has one of the coolest skills in defense. This allows him to fire 3 shots of Heavy Bolter or D6 Heavy Fire at any enemy within range. This can give him a lot of control over the board, especially with armies that set minimum unit sizes. The Hammerfall pitcher is just frozen on the cake.

You literally have the ability to place an area large enough to block the line of sight of smaller units while blocking the enemy’s tracks and lines of sight. It’s fucking distracting, too. It also forces your opponent to negotiate with him and pretend to be in the middle of the target unless he wants to survive his storm of missiles and heavy cannons.

He has the key word for the vehicle and the power of the Angel of Death. This gives it access to various tricks, Techmarin support, the doctrine of destruction, and it can fire super missiles and other weapons at units within its own range.

How to use the Hot Hammer funnel 40K

Now that we know how it works, we know how to use it. A simple logic: Hands of iron! Even if they don’t get a faction advantage or bonus doctrine, a car is a big key word in their chapter. Between different mental forces and different tricks, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of Hammerfall.

My favorite combination is the Tehmarin, which gives him +1 per hit, heals him and uses methodical firepower.  She sees it as part of the doctrine of despair that gives her extra armor. AP-2 Heavy Bolts, and your choice of AP-1 Superfragment or AP-3 Supercrack missile is the calculated efficiency gain…..

The Hammerfall bunker at Warhammer 40K


Personally, I doubt if there will be any high-level competition in the Hammerfall bunker. However, it can be a device that is fun, offers a unique gaming experience, looks cool and can be used effectively on the table. Happy Explosion! On the other hand, Primaris Techmarine could play a role.

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As always, thank you so much for reading!

Many thanks to Games Workshop for using their images and creating the best game!

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