Rainbow Six is a tense, tactical shooter that pits you and your team against terrorists in an intense hostage rescue scenario. In Rainbow Six Extraction, players need to use their skills and the environment around them to complete each mission. Operators are those who can quickly adapt with new situations while maintaining situational awareness through observation of enemies movements and weapons fire patterns using both drones and human scouts.

The “rainbow six operators” are the characters that you control in Rainbow Six Extraction. Players can level up their operators by completing missions and challenges.

How to level up Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

In Rainbow Six Extraction, getting an Operator to Level 10 is a desirable aim. When they reach Level 10, not only will you have unlocked all of their gear, but they will also no longer be subject to the same XP penalties. An Operator can’t be demoted once they reach the top. Reaching Level 10 in Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t easy, because to the game’s XCOM-style meta-game. In fact, as the following suggestions demonstrate, the best tactics might be fairly counter-intuitive:

Choose a different Operator each time.

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You’d think that repeating the same Operator in every incursion would be the quickest path to Level 10, but that’s not how it works in actuality. It’s really preferable to choose three or four favorites and alternate between them, hoping to level them up approximately in the same order. You won’t perform optimally if you always select the same Operator, and your XP awards will decrease as a consequence.

Choose the appropriate Operator for each task.

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Examine the Objectives carefully before beginning a new incursion, and choose the Operator who is most suited to at least one of them. If there are any stealth Objectives, such as Nest Tracking or Biopsy, then employing a stealthy Operator like Alibi or Vigil will get you additional XP. Other objectives, such as triangulation or rescue, need more reconnaissance, therefore an Operator like Pulse or Lion will be most useful. With certain Objectives, such as Sabotage and Serial Scan, a stand-up battle is almost unavoidable, hence combat-oriented Operators like Ela and Hibana will sweep the board. Of course, most incursions will feature a range of Objective types, so if you’re playing co-op, make sure your squad is balanced and that you have a specialist for each Objective.

Take no needless risks.

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The name of the game is extraction, and understanding when to extract is crucial to playing successfully. Yes, every incursion’s third Objective always gives the most experience, but the danger of being hurt or becoming MIA is greater, and both will stymie your Operator’s progress. If an incursion is going well, keep going to get that additional XP, but if you’re hurt and out of ammunition, cut your losses and withdraw. It’s preferable to be safe with your favorite Operators so they can go back to work as soon as possible. This is also true when choosing a Threat Level. While the XP payouts at higher levels are greater, the risk of injury and failure is higher. If you fulfill all three Objectives on Moderate incursions without being hurt, you’ll level up Operators quicker than if you undertake higher level incursions that you have to cancel due to injuries (or worse).

Operators with low HP should not be used.

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While any Operator with more than 40 HP is considered operational and may be picked, deploying any Operator with less than 100 HP is a recipe for disaster. You may be able to deploy an Operator on low-health on low-difficulty missions without too much danger of making things worse if the Operator is already at a high level and you’re confident in your own and your team’s abilities. However, if you’re just getting started, it’s always a good idea to heal your favorite Operators before picking them again.

With simple assignments, quickly heal damaged Operators.

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Every damaged Operator (save the one you recently deployed as) recovers HP equal to a tiny portion of the XP gained in that incursion after each incursion. So, if one of your favorite Operators is hurt, the fastest way to get them back in action and earning XP is to send them on a Moderate level incursion with another Operator. You should have enough HP to repair all but the most serious injuries if you achieve all three Objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHat is the best way to level up in r6?

A: You should be focusing on getting better at individual skills. This means improving your accuracy with a rifle, or upgrading the amount of damage you do with pistols to increase their effectiveness in eliminating enemies over time. For example, if you are trying to level up as a Recon Soldier and find that this role is proving difficult for yourself, consider switching roles and learning how to use a combat shotgun instead.

Can you level up in Rainbow Six Siege?

Is there a way to test operators in Rainbow Six Siege?

A: There is no way to test operators in Rainbow Six Siege, a multiplayer first-person shooter video game.

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