Players are wondering how to evolve the Unova Stone in Pokemon Go, as it is a very unique item in the game for generation 5 Pokemon, and it becomes even more special when you want to evolve Pokemon. Below you can read more about how to get Unova Stone evolutions on Pokemon Go, take a look.

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The Unova Stone is a very rare and unique item in Pokemon Go. The coaches really want him, but he’s not easy to get. The Unova Stones in Pokemon Go allow you to evolve your Pokemon from generation 5 and you know how important it is to evolve your Pokemon in the game.

The Unova stone is very similar to the Sinnoh stones and works in the same way. Sinnoch Stones in Pokemon Go are used to evolve Gen 5 Pokemon, so if you want to complete your Pokemon and collect some Unova Stones, check out our guide on how to get Unova Stone evolutions in Pokemon Go below, take a look.

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To get the Unova Stone in Pokémon Go, which is very similar to the Sinnoh Stone, you’ll need to complete similar tasks as you did to collect the Sinnoh Stone. You have to do seven days of fieldwork. And if you think about how you get these tasks, you have to rotate the Pokéstops and you have to complete one task per day until you get all the buffs.

You can already qualify for rewards, and when it comes to rewards, chances are you’ll get the Unova Stone. You have to be lucky to get a Unova Stone because it totally depends on your luck and if you are lucky, you can get a Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. It’s also possible to get Unova Stones in game by doing a PvP battle, but right now it’s impossible to get Unova Stones by doing a PvP battle in Pokemon Go.

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So, now you know how to give Unova Stone evolutions to Pokemon. Let’s see who can get ahead with these Unova stones.

How to get Unova Stone evolutions in Pokemon Go: Who is Evolve?

There are many Pokemon you can evolve with the Unova Stones. Take a look at the list of Pokemon you can currently evolve in Pokemon Go using the Unova Stones:

  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 candies, you can turn Pansage into Simisage.
  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 sweets, you can turn Panpur into Simipur.
  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 candies, you can turn Pansear into Simisear.
  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 candies, you can turn the lamp into a chandelier.
  • With 1 Unova brick and 100 candies you can turn a Minccino into a Cinccino.
  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 candies, you can turn Eelektrik into Eelektross.
  • With 1 Unova stone and 100 candies, you can turn Munna into Musharna.

So it was a matter of how to deliver Unova Stone evolutions in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

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I hope you like our approach to helping Unova Stone evolutions succeed in Pokemon Go.

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frequently asked questions

How can I get the stone of Unova in 2020?

Currently, the only way to get Unova stones is through weekly field breakthroughs. If you submit seven field studies on different days, you may be eligible for the Research Breakthrough label. In addition to the special Pokémon that will appear, there is also a chance to get the Unova Stone.

Which Pokemon evolves best with the Unova Stone?

Chandelier is the main Pokémon that evolves with Unova Stone. It’s also the only thing relevant to Pokémon GO’s Raids. Lustre is objectively one of the best Spirit types in Pokémon GO, after the Giratina Origin Form.

Where do I get the Sinno and Unova stones?

News like you don’t get and you don’t get ….

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