If you’re looking for a way to get your hands on some apples in Minecraft, these three methods are sure to make the job easier. Whether you want an apple or ten, it’s easy with this handy guide!

The “what is the fastest way to get apples in minecraft” is a question that has been asked many times. There are 3 easy ways to get apples in Minecraft quickly and easily.

Apples are a well-liked commodity that can be found in Minecraft. They may be used to create Golden Apples, which have a unique set of benefits. Your hunger gauge gets refilled by a few points after eating an apple. Apples, on the other hand, are more difficult to get in excess since they are often rare. 

Low hunger may have its own share of problems. Low health regeneration and decreased movement speed are examples of this. In the worst situation, your health may even begin to decline. Apples are an excellent method to fill that meter up as a result.

That is not all, however. Apples may be manufactured into Golden Apples, which boost health regeneration and satisfy hunger. Apples are a favorite food of horses, and giving apples to a young horse will accelerate its growth enormously.

The following techniques may be used to swiftly gather a lot of apples:

  • Using a Fortune Enchantment to Break Trees
  • Trading with Locals
  • constructing an orchard

Although the game includes foods from all the main food categories, you will need apples at certain points during the game. In order to help you get started, this book will familiarize you with all the necessary terms and concepts. 

How Can I Get Apples in Mass?


In the huge sandbox of Minecraft, finding apples is surprisingly difficult. There are, however, several simple methods for obtaining them in-game. Depending on the version of Minecraft you’re using, the official data from these sources may change. So with that, let’s get going!

Using a Fortune Enchantment to Break Trees


The Oak and Dark Oak trees in Minecraft have a 0.5 percent chance of dropping an apple from each broken or decayed leaf. This number may be enhanced by the fortune Enchantment to increase your chances of getting an apple. 

Early in the game, you’ll need a lot of wood. Therefore, it is advised to begin gathering the apples at that location as well. If not, there is no need to panic since all you need to make apples rain is a little bit of time and an enchanted tool.

The Fortune Enchantments’ whole current statistics are shown below:

Enchantment Apple Dropping Probability
Fortune I 0.556%
II Fortune 0.625%
II FortuneI 0.833%

Trading with Locals


Villagers are unactive hordes that may be found there. If a player has a positive reputation, they will accept trade requests from players. However, because the villagers only take emeralds as the trade currency, you would need a lot of them for this to succeed. 

Buying and selling in Minecraft

Depending on your motivation, trades in Minecraft might be profitable or pointless. Depending on how you treat the people, different quantities and pricing will be offered. There are certain village vocations that will never trade. These consist of:

  • Nitwits
  • Villagers without jobs
  • Little Villagers

The resources available to villagers at any given moment are limited. The transaction will briefly freeze if it runs out until the villager gets new goods. 

It is important to note that if demand for an item is excessive, the price will rise. As a result, if an item runs out, the cost may go higher when it is replenished. All the villages will follow this pattern. 

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Plundering the Villagers

If you don’t have enough emeralds, you might try to take apples from the villagers’ homes. However, doing so will damage your reputation for future transactions. Having said that, there is a 74.2 percent likelihood that there will be apples in each community. Depending on the home, there may be anywhere from 1 to 5 apples. 

Simply walk the hamlet and open any chests you come across. If you need to harvest a large number of apples quickly, this may be a useful short-term apple gathering technique. You may change villages if you want to be as effective as possible.

constructing an orchard


It is always a smart idea to make your own resources if you are running out of things to farm. By using this reasoning, you may design your own unique apple farm to increase your harvest. However, automating the whole process comes at a significant expense in bone meal.

As a result, you may construct a farm to meet your needs rather than attempting to forage for elusive things. Your building talents will also be put to the test on this farm. If you just need apples for a little period of time, there is no need to create a farm. When it comes to a steady supply, an apple farm is unbeatable. 

Apple Farm Sample + Instructions


This is an excellent apple farm that may be used to quickly earn a large amount of apples. Depending on your unique needs, you may choose to imitate this or create a different design.

Lay the groundwork for your apple farm by locating and flattening a 21W × 22L x 21H block area. The process is as follows:


You can automate the majority of the procedure using this design. As a result, you may position yourself underneath the drops and go AFK. Shooting the piston beneath the dirt block will solve any problems you may have with the Redstone block that drives it. After making the necessary adjustments to the line, you are ready to go!

This farm can deal with a variety of wood types, including (but not limited to) birch, oak, spruce, and jungle wood.

In light of the above, the following advice may help you safeguard your farm:

  • To stop creepers from spawning close to the build-up, light the whole area. If any creeper approaches the farm, it will suffer harm. 
  • To stop critters from growing over the unharvested wood, you may lay down slabs on top of it. 
  • Wait for the saplings to mature and be processed before shutting the machine, otherwise the automation may “jam” the following time.
  • To capture the remaining saplings, add additional hoppers. 

Apple Locations in Minecraft


Apples may be purchased from a variety of places in addition to in bulk. But there isn’t much of it. Apples have a respectable probability of falling from a chest. Here is all the information you want on the apple chest treasure for Java and Bedrock versions.

Java Version


Structure Container Quantity Lower Chance
Bonus Drawer Chest 1 – 2 83.8%
Igloo Chest 1 – 3 70.4%
Stronghold Altar Cabinet 1 – 3 33.2%
Stronghold Storage Cabinet 1 – 3 47.5%
Village Armory’s Cabinet 1 – 3 59.8%
Village Simple House Chest 1 – 5 74.2%

Bedrock Version

Structure Container Quantity Lower Chance
Bonus Drawer Chest 1 – 2 100%
Igloo Chest 1 – 3 70.4%
Stronghold Altar Cabinet 1 – 3 32.5%
Stronghold Storage Cabinet 1 – 3 40%
Village Armory’s Cabinet 1 – 3 59.8%
Village Simple House Chest 1 – 5 74.2%

A regular apple may be put in a composter to boost its level by 1 in addition to creating Golden Apples. However, the likelihood of this working is just 65%; as a result, be ready for some failures. 

Creating Golden Apples


Possibly one of the greatest consumables in Minecraft are Golden Apples. Due of the scarcity of the components, they might be quite difficult to construct. However, by using the aforementioned techniques, you may gather a lot of apples. Consequently, a few gold ingots ought to do the job!

You may manufacture golden apples at home by following these instructions:

  • Keep a standard apple in the center and 8 gold ingots in the borders.


  • Press Craft to start, and you’re all set!

Golden Apple Uses


The Golden Apple functions similarly to a normal apple in that it provides 9.6 hunger saturation while regenerating 4 hunger points. This indicates that your character no longer feels the need to eat as much.

Self Advantages

The following status effects are exclusive to the Golden Apple, unlike normal apples, and may be crucial for surviving hostile conditions. Additionally, it is highly useful while you are fighting the Ender Dragon. So, have a stack on hand for difficult times. 

  • Absorption I: Acquire the absorption health status impact, which is strengthened. Up until the effect wears off, your health bar will contain additional hearts. This has a 2:00 total time limit, and the clock begins to run as soon as the fruit is eaten. 
  • Increased health regeneration is available during Regeneration II for 5 seconds. able to restore 4 HP.

Use Cases

The Golden Apple is also useful for the following things in addition to the status effects:

  • Villagers who have turned into zombies may be cured with a golden apple-infused potion of weakness.
  • Horse Taming: You’ll have 10% more success training a horse.
  • Golden apples may be used as a bait to draw in piglins. There is no damage since they won’t eat the apple.

Overall, apples may be quite helpful in Minecraft, but they are difficult to come by. By using this approach, you may collect as many apples as you need. Therefore, consider how many apples you need and choose the solution that best meets your needs.  

Minecraft is a game that allows players to explore and create their own worlds. With the use of mods, you can change the world around you. One mod that has been popular for a while now is “Apples in Minecraft.” In this article, I will be showing you 3 easy ways to get apples in minecraft. Reference: can you trade for apples in minecraft.

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