When you start the Fool On The Hill quest in Cyberpunk 2077, Mister will ask you to find the location of all the tarot graffiti in the game. There are 22 Tarot graffiti scattered throughout the game. Since there are dozens of symbols on the huge Cyberpunk 2077 card, it can be difficult to find tarotgraffiti in between.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a total of 22 tarot graffiti, but you have to find location 20 and scan it to perform a parallel task called Fool on the Hill. The other two tarot graffiti are hidden in the main story.

If you didn’t pick up the tarot graffiti and couldn’t find their exact location, don’t worry, you’ll just find them on a map of Cyberpunk 2077. Just open the map and filter the open world view, view the location and scan to see the murals.

You must now collect 20 tarot graffiti to unlock the Wandering Madman achievement for Cyberpunk 2077.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the 22 tarot card graffiti locations in Cyberpunk 2020.

  • All murals of Taro Card Graffiti in Cyberpunk 2077.
    • Tarot card 1 – Fool (Little China, Watson)
    • Tarot card 2 – Wizard
    • Tarot card 3 – High Priestess (Vista Del Rey, Haywood)
    • Tarot card 4 – Empress (Little China, Watson)
    • Tarot 5 Card – Emperor (Arsaki Dam)
    • Map Taro 6 – Heirofant (Japanese city in the west, Westbrook)
    • Tarot card 7 – Lovers (Silver Pixel Cloud, Westbrook)
    • Tarot card 8 – trolley (Little China, Watson)
    • Card Taro 9 – Force (Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo)
    • Tarot Card 10 – Ermit (Coastguard, Pacifica)
    • Tarotcard 11 – Wheel of Fortune (Sunset Motel, Badlands)
    • Card Taro 12 – Justice (Arroyo, Santo Domingo)
    • Tarotcard 13 – Hung up (north of Nachtstad)
    • Tarot card 14 – Death (Glenn, Heywood)
    • Tarot card 15 – Temperance (Caches in North Oak, Westbrook)
    • Map Taro 16 – Tower (Corpo Plaza, city centre)
    • Tarot card 17 – star (solar panels, skirts)
    • Tarot card 18 – Sun (Little China, Watson)
    • Tarot card 19 – The Moon (Northern Oak, Westbrook)
    • Tarot card 20 – world (roof, Watson)
    • Tarot card 21 – right (history)
    • Tarot card 22 – The devil

All murals with Cyberpunk Tarot cards 2077

Tarot card 1 – Fool (Little China, Watson)

Location of Graffiti Murals on the Tarot map

To get there, take the elevator to the service level and follow the directions to the graffiti on the wall.

Tarot card 2 – Wizard


The second tarot card is right in front of Lizzie’s bar.

Tarot card 3 – High Priestess (Vista Del Rey, Haywood)


To receive the third tarot card, you have to go to the Vista Dey Rey subdivision in Heywood and to the fourth floor. When you get there go to the corner and look at the elevator at the left side of the high priestess on the wall.

Tarot card 4 – Empress (Little China, Watson)


To get this tarot card, you have to go down two steps and stand behind the piles of garbage on the wall.

Tarot card 5 – Emperor (Arsaki dam)


To get this graffiti tarot card, go to Areasaka Drive in Watson County. Upon arrival at this location you will find the Emperor’s Tarot card outside the perimeter of the building.

Tarot card 6 – Heirophant (Westwestbrook, Japan)


When you have reached the indicated place, you must go down the stairs and go through the tunnel. That’s where the graffiti on the left wall came from.

Tarot 7 – Lovers (Silver Pixel Cloud, Westbrook)


To access this field, enter the code 0000 on the keyboard. If you have access to it, you’ll find this graffiti on the big screen.

Tarot card 8 – Carts (Little China, Watson)


When you get to Vaston County, you have to go to Little China. Once there, you’ll find this tarot card on the wall. You can easily follow it if you follow the instructions on the map.

Tarot card 9 – Force (Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo)


Once you have reached the designated area, go to Via San Amaro, where the freight container is located, and enter the complex. This is graffiti.

Tarot card 10 – Hermitage (Coast Guard, Pacifica)


To get this tarot card, you have to go to the Pacific Coast Chapel. When you get there, you’ll find it on the side of the building next to the forest.

Tarotcard 11 – Wheel of Fortune (Sunset Motel, Garbage Can)


To discover this graffiti, you have to go all the way to the east of town at night. Once there, you should go to the Sunset Motel in the Wasteland.

Tarot card 12 – Justice (Arroyo, Santo Domingo)


To get this graffiti you have to jump on boxes on the left side of the door and enter the complex. If you look up now, you will see this tarot card on the side of the large bunker.

Tarot card 13 – Hung up (north of town at night)


To get this graffiti, you have to go to the Vaston district, which is in Nachtstad. Once there, you’ll find the hanging man’s tarot card on the silos.

Tarot card 14 – Death (Glen, Heywood)


To find out where this tarot card is, you have to go to The Glen’s market in Heywood. Once there, you will find this tarot card on the wall of a large building.

Tarot card 15 – Temperance (Caches in North Oak, Westbrook)


This tarot card is in one of the caches in Columbaria.

Tarot card 16 – Tower (Corpo Plaza, city centre)


When you get to Corpo Plaza, go down the stairs and you’ll see the taro graffiti card of the tower on the wall.

Tarot card with 17 stars (solar panels, skirts)


Take the high-speed train to Almunecar and Jerez. Once there, cross the biotech apartments on the highway. Don’t forget to follow the directions on the map and go to the edge of Night Town where you’ll find the star map.

Tarot card 18 – Sun (Little China, Watson)


With the quick travel option you will return to Little China, which is located in the Watson district of Night City. If you are Little China, follow the marker and discover the map of the Tarot Soleil.

Tarot card 19 – Moon (Noordeik, Westbrook)


To find out where this tarot card graffiti is, you have to drive to Arasaka Estate. Once there, you’ll see tarot card graffiti on the wall around the outer perimeter.

Tarot card 20 – World (Roof, Watson)


It’s the last one and 20. Tarot graffiti you can only find when you open the gate and reach the roof of the building.

Tarot card 21 – Judge (History)

Unlike the 20 tarot graffiti mentioned above, you can’t find them by visiting the website.  You’ll find him on his way to the boss’s last fight in the arena.

Tarot card 22 – Devil

The devil’s tarot card is also a tarot card related to history and is located in Rubik’s dice room.

If you have found the location of all tarot graffiti in Cyberpunk 2077, be sure to go back to the Fast Travel filter to easily find the nearest Fast Travel point and go there immediately.

That’s all you need to know about the location of the tarot graffiti murals in Cyberpunk 2077. While you’re here, you should read our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide to find out everything. You even see cars being stolen, or even cars driving around here.

The source of the image: GamerGuide YouTube Channel

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