The slam attack is one of the most difficult moves that players can learn in Tiny Tina’s. It involves tucking your back foot and then jumping forward, landing on top of an enemy to knock them back or even kill them. Here are a few tips for how to do it!

How To Do The Slam Attack In the Knights Toil Quest In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands –

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features a lot of missions that might be tough to grasp at first, but are eventually fair. Nothing, however, is more aggravating than not being instructed how to do a certain skill, which might completely stall your progress if you are unable to accomplish it. The Knights Toil Quest features a similar scene in its quest line.

The player is required to conduct a Slam Attack upon Llance’s Mushroom as part of the quest, however there is no guidance on how to do so or even how to find Llance in the first place. Naturally, this has irritated many gamers, prompting them to look for solutions elsewhere. Worry not, friends; we’ve arrived with the solutions to this perplexing quest in the form of this guide.

In the Knights Toil Quest, you must accomplish the following to execute the Slam Attack:

  • Jump on top of the mushrooms on the ground near Llance’s Mushroom to get to him.
  • This will shoot you a long way up into the air, towards Llance.
  • Click the crouch button after you’ve reached the top of your leap and started lowering.
  • Depending on your game system, the crouch button may be different.
  • A Slam Attack will now be performed by your character.
  • To send Mushroom Llance soaring to his death, make sure you aim for the mushroom he’s standing on.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Crouch button may alter depending on whatever system you’re playing on. If you’re using a Playstation, the button will be O, and if you’re using an Xbox, the button will be B.

What’s the name of your Ground Slam Button?

For many players, one of the most difficult aspects of finishing the Knights Toil Quest is figuring out what their Crouch/Ground Slam button is. Players may easily remedy this scenario by going to their Menu and selecting the Controls option.

This section explains how to map all of the buttons on your controller or mouse/keyboard. Crouch/Slide/Ground Slam is a mapping that can be found by scrolling down this menu. This option will inform you of the exact button you must click to trigger your Slam Attack.

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What is the best way to go to Llance’s Mushroom?

Another key problem you may have noticed is that Llance’s stats are far higher than yours. This makes it impossible to do a simple leap and Slam, since it does not complete the mission goal. This problem, however, has an easy remedy.


If you turn around, you’ll discover a little box, a tree stump, and a giant fungus on the ground beside you. In this case, the mushroom may be used as a trampoline to enhance the height of your leap by a significant amount.

As a result, it is advised that you leap on top of the tree stump and then jump on top of the mushroom adjacent to the tree stump while aiming for Llance’s mushroom. This will launch you directly over Llance’s mushroom, giving you a fantastic chance to Slam Attack.


However, if you’re not cautious when carrying this mushroom leap out, you’ll run into a little difficulty. If the user clicks the Ground slam button too soon, you will miss Llance’s mushroom and have to restart the game.

Wait until your character reaches the highest point of their leap to prevent this. After this moment, you will no longer gain height from the leap and will instead begin to plummet.

If you see you’re getting near to the edge of Llance’s mushroom while falling, click the Ground Slam button O if you’re on a Playstation or B if you’re on an Xbox. You’ll be able to conduct the Ground smash and send that pesky Llance to Tiny Tina’s graveyard as a result.

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Tips on how to use the Slam Attack in general

If you want to plunge right into the middle of a fight and cause some much-needed havoc, the Ground Slam or Slam Attack is an effective melee ability. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of this assault.

  • Be aware of the animation lock that lasts for a long time. On paper, a few seconds may not seem like much, but they might be the difference between life and death. If you fail with the Slam Assault, adversaries, particularly powerful melee fighters, will almost certainly attack you right away. Use your Slam attack distance cautiously and only when you aren’t worried of being retaliated against.
  • The Slam Attack is very effective against a large number of lesser foes. This is because crashing into them would generally stagger them and do a significant amount of AOE damage. Use this if you feel the throng is becoming too thick for you to handle.
  • It may be a useful weapon for engaging an unwitting foe. This strike will be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re placing yourself covertly and require a swift drop into the action while also confusing the adversary.

That’s all there is to know about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Slam Attack and the Knights Toil Quest. Please contact us if you have any questions or recommendations. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Until next time, take care! Ciao.

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