Zombie Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can range from very simple and user-friendly to players who need to pay attention to the finer details. A new secret has been discovered on the Firebase Z map, where jump fields have been placed on the map. You have to use them in unexpected ways. Learn how to create springboards in Firebase Z, for free.

Before we continue with the steps : Although this Easter Egg can be shot alone, it’s much easier if you have a teammate to hold the zombies for you.

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Before you can do anything with the jump pads, you have to activate each Aetherium generator and power all three points.

Use a jump path

If all three connectors are lit, you should use each bouncy house at least once. There are six jump points on the map, each worth 500 points, so you need a total of 3,000 points. When you use it, you are projected across the map to a linked landing point. The jump tracks are located in each of the three main sections of the fire base and can be seen in the screenshots below.

  • Data center / Rock defense

Key Shot and Dance

When all jump pads have been used, a green button on one of the consoles lights up. What you need to do is pull this button, which will start the Dance Dance Revolution mini-game. You must move quickly along the arrows that appear on the screen without deviating from the playing field.

The game is very specific about how to do this, and it will probably take a lot of practice. If you don’t move enough, your contribution won’t be recognized. If you move too much, you leave the place or you get stuck on the rails and can’t make the next move. If you make a wrong move or walk away from the tablet, the mini-game fails and you cannot try again until the next turn. If you end up in the minigame, you’ll be thrown across the map for free.

Once the picture is taken in the air, you need to find the next console with the power button and start the process again. Fire, and the next sequence begins. Don’t worry if you leave the area you arrived at. The next path is always in the area you were sent to.

You must complete the dance mini-game for all six jumps without failing a round. Fortunately, each path has a specific order that stays the same every time you try to do this on that path. To prepare for the sequence you’ll get at each location, check out the map below of Queen Glitchy, the first person to find this Easter egg.

Image via Queen of Glitches

Fill all six pads correctly and you will find that they are no longer worth any points when you step on them. This effect remains for the rest of the game you are in, but must be repeated the next time you load the card.

Since the usual price of jumping blocks is 500 points and never gets higher, we don’t see why this Easter egg is worth the headache, but it’s certainly a unique effort.

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How do you light an easter egg Z?

How to make an Easter egg during the Cold War

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