Moder is one of the many bosses you can fight in Valheim. She is a dragon and lives in a mountain biome. The mountain biome is particularly difficult, as you must find a way to resist frost damage using multiple methods. Once you have survived the cold winter, the next step is to find and defeat Mauder.

How to find the moderator

As for the other Valheim bosses, you need to find a runic sign that indicates the exact location. We were able to find it in some dilapidated buildings that were hidden in these biomes. You will want to explore these places, and you can expect to find many skeletons defending them. But these enemies are quite easy to defeat at this stage of the game.

To call a moderator

To summon the moderator, you must find an item: dragon eggs. They’re different from the other items you’ve already found for the other bosses because they weigh 200 pounds each. You want to make sure that the merchant’s Megingjord belts increase your weight by 150 when you wear them. For all we know, you can find Dragon Eggs near where you summon the Moder. So you don’t have to carry them across the world to set them up, but you can always keep them at home to summon the Moder a few times. You need three dragon eggs.

How to defeat the moderator

Once you have laid the three dragon eggs on the altar, you may freely summon the moderator. She will not be summoned if all three eggs have been laid. You can put them down to find her when you return with the proper equipment and your group has taken her. Face the altar in the middle and then summon the moderator.

You may have already guessed that Moder is a dragon, or more specifically a Wyvern. It starts the encounter in the air and flies close to where you are fighting. We fought her on a mountain and we have to be careful not to fall over the edge. You can also expect other icy characters to appear and help in the fight. The mod will burn ice just like her little comrades, but she herself has crystals that will eventually explode, so you’ll want to stay away from those. Frost attacks are the deadliest. You’ll want to stay as far away from them as possible, and have a large supply of arrows to keep shooting at them.

The model can also land and hit you from the ground. Her sharp attacks did little damage when we fought her in wolf and iron armor. If she is on the ground, we recommend you attack her and hard enough to do as much damage as possible with your melee weapon. The mod also uses a frostatem attack in this form.

During combat, the Moder alternates between staying on the ground and flying in the air. Of the two, she is much better when she is on the ground, as her claws are almost undamaged.

After you defeat Mauder, you will receive his trophy when you take on the challenge ring, and you will also receive a Dragon Tear, which you can use to build several new shipwreck stations.

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