The Dartmoor level in Hitman 3 is one of the most unique maps the series has ever released. Between the implications of plotting to kill a target who until recently was considered near death and solving the murder mystery in the process, there are some really cool things going on around the English mansion. In the murder challenges, there is an edited goal where you have to eliminate the head of the house, Alex Carlisle, by the hands of the killer without any significant contribution from your side. Here’s how to unlock the Other Dead in the Family challenge on the Dartmoor map of Hitman 3.

First, you need to open the greenhouse behind the mansion with a lock hook or crowbar to get in. If you need scrap metal, there’s one next to the blue van, just inside the back door of the mansion. There is also a key behind the well that you have to pick up.

Go to the greenhouse and find the lab equipment. If you’ve played at Mendoza’s level, you may recognize that it’s the same thing that can turn an emetic poison into a deadly poison, but that poison is broken. Use the key to secure the device and your work is done.

Now you have to handle a murder investigation as a guest detective in the mansion. This has to do with the history of mission resources, motivations, and capabilities we’ve already covered, so check this guide if you’re stuck. The most important thing to remember about this problem is that when the time comes to communicate your results to Alexa, don’t blame Emma. Even if she is the real killer of Zachary’s poison, Alexa won’t do what we want her to do when she finds out it’s Emma. Tell him instead that the butler, Mr. Fernsby, did it, or it was suicide.

After you tell her the news, ask her to reward you with the things you need to complete the level and she will be on the balcony for a while. Instead of pushing them to their limits, which is probably very tempting, let them go. She goes to the living room where Gregory, Emma and Rebecca hang out a lot. She calls the diner to get the whole family together.

At this point you can leave the meeting and let things sort themselves out, but if you’d rather see what happens, that’s fine too. This is largely because Alexa told everyone that Zachariah’s death was a tragedy and she didn’t let anyone know she was alive. When the meeting is over, everyone disperses, but you may notice that Emma has taken a new path that she wouldn’t normally take.

She goes to the greenhouse to make a new poison to kill Alexa with. You can follow her to the end and see how she does if you want. When she arrives at the device, she notices that it is working again and producing poison, and slowly returns to the living room, where she smuggles the poison into a glass of alcohol for her bodyguard and everyone else.


Alexa should arrive shortly thereafter and, hearing sarcasm from Gregory, will come for a drink. If she drops dead, the Death of Another Family match is over and you get 4,000 Dartmoor skill points for your efforts.

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