The long-awaited stealth game Hitman 3 is finally available for all major gaming platforms. In Hitman 3, there are an impressive number of missions that the player must complete to progress through the game. One of these missions is How the Mighty Fall, which you can find in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since Hitman 3 was just released, most players may find it difficult to complete the How the Mighty Fall mission in Dubai. With this in mind, we have created a guide that explains all the objectives of Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall.

Hitman 3: How a powerful fall can end in Dubai

To begin If the Mighty Fall in Hitman 3, you must enter the Atrium area and climb the stairs on the left side of the room.  Once there, you must use the terminal.

Interaction with Card Clip

Once you start this mission, Grey wants you to find the server room, which is next to the Sheikh’s private reception. To find this server room, you must first call the card terminal.

Enter service area

After analyzing the map, Gray thinks the server room is accessible through the service area. The notification of a new opportunity is displayed on the map. Note that the entrance to the staff room is one level above the starting point of this map. The entrance is closed, but can be opened with code (4706).

Follow Gray’s advice

Because the area is heavily protected and guarded by dozens of people, Gray will advise you to take a scenic route. But before you go any further, take the two NPCs you have in front of you. You can also distract their attention by activating the vacuum cleaner, which is located in the left corner. If you do, two cops will come and investigate and you’ll have to take them out. After the murder, you can wear her dress as a disguise at staff events.

When you enter the room, you should scan the window with the camera, but the guards inside may be suspicious of what you’re doing. Instead of fighting with those guards, go back to the corridor, there is a bathroom where you can go over the sink.

If you do, a guard will come to investigate and you must go to the bathroom with that guard and subject them to their disguise. If you do this, the other guards there won’t find your behavior suspicious when you scan the window for access.

Once you gain access, go out the window and go to the right until you see a beam that you can climb over. When you reach the top of the mast, scan the window and enter the corridor.

Server roomFind

Now you need to find the server room, but to do that you need to change your appearance. Go to the pantry. Once there, you will find a maintenance agent that you will have to remove and get a new tub. First, this is the room that leads you to the server room.

Once you have successfully entered the server room, you should be able to access the servers that Gray really needs.

Activate manual bypass procedure

Since the server terminal is locked in the middle of the room and not accessible, you must enable manual operation. Since all of the server cabinets cause an alarm, you need to remove one of the server cabinets from the room and hide. When the alarm goes off, two guards arrive on the scene, but they leave after a while. When they come out of the server room, Gray will tell you to use the key card.

To obtain the key card, you must leave the server room through another door in a narrow corridor. You will find a colleague who you have to kill to get his key card. To prevent suspicious activity, you can put his body in the closet.

Key card Slip

After retrieving the keycard, return to the server room and swipe the keycard. The server module on the far left has been modified. If you shoot him, you have access to the terminal. You should now use the console to schedule a meeting with your two targets.

Penthouse house of the caretaker

Before you hit any of your targets, you must disguise yourself as a penthouse keeper. There are several guards circulating on the current floor, but there is a guard outside the maintenance room. As soon as they turn the corner with the water jug, subdue them and take them to the maintenance area. You must now hide their bodies and wear their clothes to participate in the session.

Penetration into the top floor

Once you have the paneling of the apartment, you need to go upstairs to meet your partners. However, the guard will identify you if you go to this meeting. To avoid further suspicious activity, turn left and enter the meeting room, where you can easily go upstairs and meet your fathers.

When you arrive at the same place as them, activate the Security Terminal, the door will close and the screen will turn off in grey. To complete the mission As the Mighty Fall in Hitman 3, you have to kill Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant.

After killing your partners, you need to reactivate the room’s security console and find the exit.

That’s all you need to know about making How the Mighty Fall in Dubai in Hitman 3. Find out how to play Hitman 2 with friends and how to transfer Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.

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