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Regina Jones has another gig for you that seems to be an endless source of jobs. But I’m not complaining. Eddie’s Eddie. This time you have to visit Mikhail Akulov at the Raito Hotel on Adams Street and steal his data card. Mikhail is no ordinary man. He’s a top Soviet arranger, so it won’t be easy to get to his hotel. But don’t worry, we’re right behind you. Learn how to make the Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy concert in Cyberpunk 2077 a success without setting off an alarm.

Start with the location of the hotel in Kabuki, Watson District, Night City. When you get there, jump out of the car when you are in it, and Regina Jones will call you to explain the concert. Now go for a walk. Note that there are many ways to complete these quests. You can follow our method to get the full reward and not set off any alarms.

How to complete the concert Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy and Cyberpunk 2077

Start by entering the hotel lobby and talking to the reception. You have two choices: Pay for the room or distract him and steal the lift token. It costs about 4,500 Swirls to rent a room, while it costs nothing to entertain him and take a badge. We choose the latter and then go to the elevator on the left side of the reception.

Take the elevator to the 21st floor. Floor where the apartments are located. When you reach the ground, hold your right hand and step on the deck. Climb up the planter and go to Mikhail Akulov’s terrace. There’s a camera right in front of you, so turn it off or make it easy to use, or avoid it altogether.

Datashard is in the living room with Mikhail and his bodyguard. Distract them with a TV or other electronic device nearby if you have the option. Otherwise, wait for the patrol and go in at your own risk. You can go to the left and release the Eurodollars from the rooms. Go around the bar to the left and up the stairs to do the same. There is a terminal on the wall next to the stairs and a terminal at the top that can be quickly hacked for a few simple components and whirlpools.

Here is the order needed for the above clamp:

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I recommend turning the security network up and down under the Local Area Network tab on the desktop computer. Once you’ve cleaned the rooms and got all the loot, you can go back downstairs. Michael will patrol the door. It’s a chance to distract his bodyguard with the next ice machine and steal the data card from his pocket. I jumped off the balcony on the simple miracle bag.

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Once you have it, you have to escape without being seen. First I double the second terminal and then I retire. Take the elevator back to the lobby and pretend nothing’s wrong. After leaving the hotel, you must call the Regina and then meet your contact person to deliver the shard. Don’t ask questions, just give them the sparkle.

When that’s done, Regina will send you the coordinates of the dropbox for your reward. There’s a bum hanging around asking for a change. Take your reward and go. Here’s how to round off the concert of Regina Jones Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy in Cyberpunk 2077 discreetly without raising the alarm.

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