You must complete the following quests to free Fia from her imprisonment:
1. Head north out of town and find a hill with six tall trees on it. There are one, two, three, four, five and six circles around each tree in order from smallest to largest. Place your ring inside circle number 6 where there is an indentation just at its base that’s large enough for you to stand up next too.
2. Go back down into Elden Ring and speak exclusively with Meeran until she tells you about Elder Elves being unable to enter Elfland without ringing stones they have discovered somewhere in the area before coming here first
3) Speak only with Mielikki until he gives you some Golden Flowers as well as telling his location
4) The quest will update informing you that those flowers should be given directly to him this time so when speaking either use “Give me” or select them off of your inventory

Fia is a character in Elden Ring. Fia has a questline that can be completed. This article will go through all of the steps to complete it.

How to complete Fia's questline in Elden Ring - All Steps

Fia is a fascinating individual that you meet for the first time in Roundtable Hold. She has her own chamber behind the blacksmith’s shop, and if you speak with her, she will ask whether you want to be imprisoned there. This will grant you a blessing that will benefit you in combat. Despite her outward look, this NPC has a lengthy questline that will lead you to the furthest corners of the Lands Between. This is how Fia’s questline in Elden Ring is completed.

Prepare yourself.

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Get both D and Rogier to Roundtable Hold to begin Fia’s questline. After you beat Godrick, they will all arrive in the region. D can also be discovered outside of Summonwater Village in the northern portion of Limgrave. You must also speak with Fia many times and be hugged before you may begin Fia’s questline. You must also beat at least one Sharbearer, such as Godrick, and ride Liurnia’s Grand Lift of Dectus. Fia’s questline may begin after all of this is completed.

Kill D

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Return to Roundtable Hold and talk with Fia after obtaining a Great Rune and riding the Grand Lift of Dectus. She will hand you a Weathered Dagger after some short chat. If you hand up the dagger to D, he’ll tell you who it belongs to. Reload the region and enter the chamber beyond the blacksmith’s location. Before you enter, you will hear a conversation. When you enter the room, Fia will be standing over D’s corpse.

Deeproot Depths is the place to go.

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Fia will advise you to proceed to the top of Deeproot Depths once D is dead. To accomplish so, go to Nokron and search for the aqueduct dungeon. Outside of the boss area, you may chat with D’s brother and give him D’s armor. This will allow you to access a unique section of Fia’s quest. Defeat the dungeon’s pair of valiant gargoyles. A coffin may be found at the foot of the waterfall. Rest in the coffin before being taken to the depths of Deeproot.

More bosses must be defeated.

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Go through the roots and into the ruins on the opposite side of Deeproot Depths after you’ve arrived. To get to the region up on the cliffs beyond the shattered gargoyles, use the tree roots in the ruins. Go to the opposite side of the big boss arena. There will be a boss encounter in which you must kill five NPC foes. Reload the scene after the fight and speak with Fia, who is now seated on a bench near to where the boss battle took place.

Get the Cursemark and kill the dragon.

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Fia will inform you that she wants you to get the Cursemark of Death when you speak to her in the boss chamber. Part of Ranni’s questline must be completed to earn this. It may be found at the top of Liurnia’s Divine Tower. Reload the location after giving Fia the Cursemark. Fia is presently sound sleeping. Interact with her to confront Lichdragon Fortissax in a variant variation of the boss arena. After the fight, speak with Fia, and she will offer you the Death Prince’s Mending-Rune.

Optional conclusion

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While the image is the conclusion of Fia’s questline, you may go a step farther. Reload the scene after giving D’s brother the Twinned Armor, and D’s brother will be standing over Fia’s body. Fia’s armor set is now available for purchase. D’s brother will be pleased if you speak with him. Kill him to reclaim the Inseparable Sword and the Twinned armor.

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