How to complete the divine puzzles of Destiny 2? If you want to obtain exotic weapons in Destiny 2, you’ll need to perform certain tasks or challenges offered to you as a result of the new raid. Divinity puzzles are one of the Destiny 2 tasks you can perform to obtain exotic weapons, so here we have a complete guide on how to complete the Destiny 2 divine puzzles, take a look.

Divine Puzzles Destiny 2

Many players and fans have let Bungie know that they will take this exotic weapon out of the game. Bungie heard from the fans and they finally decided to retrieve this exotic weapon through activities and challenges. Divine Puzzles is one of those puzzles, and we guide you here to figure out how to complete Divine Puzzle – Destiny 2.

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There are certain parts that you have to look at in this quest that we have aborted and we’re going through each of them, take a look.

The first is a lunar battlefield. To get the first part, you have to go to the Moon Battlefield. Land in Sorrow Harbor and go south. Now go left down into a big tunnel. You see Vex’s door, you see the Black Garden, you kill 3 waves on Vex coming out the door, and you get what it…. What’s that? It’s a reward.

It was just the most fundamental thing to know about the planet Nessus. Then you have to go to the Orrery, which you will find in the northeast corner of Artifacts Edge. Then you have to climb the stairs that lead you to the boss, just jump into the cave in the upper left corner. You will see the enemies and the oracle you must face.

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Also keep an eye on the Old Spirit, northwest of Tranglin. You get a cave in half the lost sector. The place where you will find the last node to visit is the area lost at the confluence, northwest of the tank. You should be able to reach the height in the big room, so jump on the main pillar in the middle and try to go directly to the small room dug into the rock. Under the last node and the interaction with it, you get access to the Defragmentation search.

Read the next section to continue, or watch this video to learn more about Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2.

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Destination of the divine riddles 2

120 Decoding The core fragments are necessary for the divine search phase. There are two ways to get that. The first is destroying the Vex on the moon or playing with the new Vex mode. And then you have to have 30 pieces of fantasy in Eris Morne’s Lectern. You can collect ghost fragments from Nightmare’s enemies or buy them from Eris to obtain helium wires.

Once you get this, it’s robbery time. You need to check 7 puzzles that require patience and teamwork to be solved, then you need to check the teammates you trust the most to complete them easily.

After solving the puzzles, you must complete the robbery. If you receive the reward after leaving the last patronage, you must go to the reward room. Now that you’ve solved all the puzzles and tasks correctly, you’ll receive a tracer pistol.

The question was how to complete Destiny 2 in the divine riddles.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to completing the divine puzzles of Destiny 2.


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