Pokemon Legends is a game released by Game Freak, which allows players to catch the power of Arceus and showcase their Pokemon battling skills. Over 100 million people have already downloaded this app.

The “pokémon legends: arceus pokédex” is a tool that allows players to catch the forces of nature in Pokemon Legends.

How to Catch the Forces of Nature in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Capture the Natural Forces in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Forces of Nature are a group of Legendary Pokemon who, in ancient times, brought out both tremendous natural catastrophes and natural rejuvenation. They were first introduced in Generation V. Landorus preserved the tranquility and benefited the soil, while Thundurus and Tornadus delivered lightning and storms. Because these Pokemon have been there since the dawn of time, it’s not surprise that they may all be found in the Hisui region’s ancient past. We’ll teach you how to capture the Forces of Nature in Pokemon Legends Arceus in this tutorial. Please be advised that there will be story spoilers ahead.

Return to Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village after defeating Volo and Giratina in the post-game. Cogita will be expecting more Legendary elucidation, particularly regarding the three members of the Forces of Nature. She gives you some information about where these Pokemon usually spend their time to help you complete the Pokedex, which is required to meet Arceus.

How to Capture the Natural Forces in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Forces of Nature may be located in three places with relative ease, albeit two of them need special weather conditions to appear. If you travel to a region and the weather isn’t cooperating, just sleep at any Base Camp until the weather cooperates.

The following are the locations of the Forces of Nature, as well as their favourite weather:

  • Ramanas Island, Obsidian Fieldlands, Landorus It must be a bright day (unobscured sun on map).
  • Cobalt Coastlands, Thundurus: Near the two huge spires in the ocean. It has to be a thunderstorm (cloud with lightning bolt on map).
  • Tornadus: Alabaster Icelands, Bonechill Wastes It has to be a snowfall (snowflake with wind lines next to it on map).

Finding the Forces of Nature isn’t difficult; getting them to fight is the tricky part. When you discover one of the Forces, you’ll see that they’re shielded from Poke Balls by a wind barrier. If they spot you approaching, they’ll flee, and if you pursue them, they’ll unleash wind strikes with intricate patterns that may knock you out in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but their favored hangouts are packed with violent Pokemon, including at least one Alpha, so you’ll be attracting their attention as the Forces dart about. 

You must successfully pelt the Forces three times with a throwable item (dirt balls, snowballs, Poke Balls, etc.) to destroy their shields. This may be done anytime they’re standing stationary, either when fighting you or (ideally) while they’re not aware of your presence. Packing a handful of Smoke Bombs and throwing them down as you approach to hide yourself is an excellent method for this. They won’t run away or fight if they don’t notice you approaching. They’ll flee a short distance after you pelt them with anything, but as long as you keep the smoke flowing, they won’t get aggressive.

You may either use a Poke Ball to try to capture them on the spot or throw out a Pokemon and do it the old fashioned way after you destroy their shields and they get disoriented. When it’s time to capture, use a long-range Poke Ball like a Jet Ball; all of the Forces are at least partially Flying types, thus long-range Balls have a catch benefit against them.

After you’ve caught the Forces of Nature, you’ll need to level up their Pokedex entries, which you may simply accomplish by fighting any random Pokemon. When the entries are all used up, go to Cogita at the Ancient Retreat, and she’ll disclose something to you: the Forces of Nature have a fourth member. 

Enamorus is the last Pokemon, and he represents the arrival of spring and, I suppose, the strength of love. Enamorus may be located in the Crimson Mirelands’ Scarlet Bog, and unlike her siblings, she doesn’t have a predilection for weather. Catch Enamorus using the same manner, then max out her Pokedex entry.

Return to Cogita one more time, and she’ll give you the Reveal Glass, which you may use to freely switch between the Incarnate and Therian forms of any of the four Forces. 

In “Pokemon Legends Arceus”, players can catch the forces of nature. Thundurus is one of these forces, and it has a chance to be caught by catching a legendary Pokemon. Reference: how to catch thundurus legends arceus.

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