Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops’ zombie mode always contains enough powerful and whimsical features to allow you to fight hordes of the undead. One of the most iconic features is the Miracle Weapon, which is indistinguishable from any other weapon due to its operation.

In the Z Firebase, the wonder weapon is called RAI-K84 and is a powerful tool in your arsenal. It has two shooting modes: the first eliminates rays that disintegrate into enemies, and the second slows down and damages anyone who comes within its range. If you want to get your hands on the RAI-K84, you can get it in the “Mystery Box” or through trial rewards, but there are some steps you can take to get it for free. Here’s how to get the Firebase Z wonder weapon.

Turn on the unit

You must first enable and activate the packer. We have already covered this topic in another guide. So if you need help, read it and come back here.

Take a picture of the wonder weapon and the eye.

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After getting power from the machine store, go to the weapons lab and pick up the plan hanging on the wall. From there, go to the Burnt Defense outside Mission Control and find a charred corpse leaning against a tank on the right path. Turn toward him and poke out his eye with your knife. When you do this, he comes back to life and you give him a headlock in animation. Once this is done, a group of slow moving zombies will emerge from the ground around him. There is nothing special about these guys, just kill them.

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Mounting the barrel

Using the eyes in your inventory, go back to the weapons lab and interact with the computer to the right of where you grabbed the card. It should say “DESTROY ME.” Interact with it to insert your eye into the retina scanner and open the locker key drawer. Pick it up and walk to the fire station.

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In both barracks buildings there are individual lockers that can be opened with the locker key. What you need to do is open them until Mimic appears. Kill the monster and he will drop the first part of the wonder weapon we need, the cannon collection.

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Take the battery and charge it.

Now you have to survive until about 15 or 16, when the spawning zombies (armed armored zombies) start. You must keep killing them until they drop an unloaded cell. There is no guarantee that they will drop it, so don’t be discouraged if the first one doesn’t give it to you. In one defeat we had to kill three to get one, and in the next game we didn’t see a single cell for three rounds.

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When the game finally gives you the battery, take it to the bank to the right of the weapons lab. There is a charger there that you can plug in to charge it for a full turn. It will tell you that you can pick it up after inserting it, but don’t. Leave it in the charger and pick it up when it turns golden and is named “Power Cell Charged”.

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Shoot the target

It is now time to move on to probably the most frustrating phase of the process. Make sure you have a gun that you can control to fire one shot at a time. We recommend an assault rifle, a sniper, or an LMG. Shotguns and machine guns are not suitable for this.

Once the gun is assembled, you can use the computer you used earlier to show an image of a circle with a spinning radar in it. It will stop in three different places and show you where to hit the target. Each time you play, this sequence will be random, but we will show you screenshots from our game to help you out.

At first, the dial moves clockwise. Count the beeps it emits from top to bottom until it stops. In our game, there were 12.

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Then it moves counterclockwise until it stops again. Count the number of beeps. For us, there were six.

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Finally, it moves clockwise again until it stops. We had 11 seats.

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You can interact with this computer as often as you like to observe the model. It is much easier to control when a friend is holding a zombie for you, but ultimately it can be done on your own.

Once you have the model, take the teleporter back to the yard where you start the game and enter the building with the Pack-a-Punch machine. Enter the village mess to the left of the PaP. The dart gun is what we need to shoot.

Start at the top and count clockwise with the numbers until you reach the number you had in your diagram. For us, it was 12, so we fired a round with seven.

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From there, go against the clock to find your number two. Ours was six points away, so we’re going for 10.

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Finally, count clockwise until you reach the third point of the model. Since we had 11, we had to draw 9.

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After hitting the mile three times, the secret compartment will open and the etherium converter will fall out. If that doesn’t work, try again. Be sure to fire only one projectile at each location, using a “Pack-a-Punched” weapon.

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Construction of RAI-K84

With these three weapons in your arsenal, you can now build the wonder weapon RAI-K84 in the weapons lab on the bench whose design you took.

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When using weapons, standard fire is by far the most damaging mode. Alternate fire is used more to slow down the enemy, but it also does damage. The weapon can be packed three times like a normal weapon, giving it even more firepower, but it cannot have elemental damage bonuses like brain rot or cryogenics.

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