The thunder snake Narva is the last boss you’ll encounter in Rise of the Monster Hunter. This is by far one of the hardest fights in the game, requiring you to accept the help of a few extra weapons. It’s sometimes hard to dodge Narva’s attacks. Combined with good health, he’s a pretty notorious opponent. But with these tips and tricks, we’ve made it easy for you. Follow this guide to learn how to defeat the thunder snake Narva in MH Rebellion.

How to defeat the Narva Thunder Serpent in Monster Rise.

Don’t be intimidated by this slippery monster.

The main area to focus your attacks on is Narva’s stomach and head. Narva’s stomach is the most vulnerable part of her body, especially when it glows during the charge. The second most vulnerable part of the body, as with all other monsters, is the head. Any body part that is stressed is also easier to break. This can be seen by the bright glow in the area. By destroying parts such as. B. The wings make the monster a little more vulnerable and easier to hit.

The fight against the Narva boss is divided into three different stages, each of which increases the difficulty of the fight. But they have extra firepower. These cannons play an important role in the fight against Narva and act as floating platforms in the middle of the battlefield. Make the most of it.

Narva relies heavily on thunder elemental attacks. So it makes sense to equip armor and spells accordingly. For this fight, you must create a resistance to thunder and stun. The best way to do this is to recruit hunting enthusiasts. Eating dango rabbits also gives you a good tolerance to these attacks.

Emergence of the Monster Hunter Thunder Serpent Narva Boss Battle Stage

Narva uses an electric ring attack in this phase of the attack. This attack spreads in all directions and can be prevented by using thumbtacks. Narva actually uses his dick for this attack.

At this point, the terrain around the arena also appears. These rigs usually have rifles and big guns. These cannons are your friends and your best chance to defeat Narva. They do a lot of damage by keeping you at a distance. There will also be times when Narva will approach you on these platforms. At this point, try attacking his stomach.

Also note the pop-up notification that the wyvernshot division is active. This gives you control of the large weapon on the left side of the wall. Make sure you take out the Narva, then he’ll be easier to hit.

Monster Hunter Thunder Serpent Narva Boss Battle Stadium 2 raise

In this phase, Narva uses his Electric Mouth attack, similar to the tail attack in the first phase. However, this attack seems to be faster than the first step. Fortunately, it doesn’t cover the same ground. This works to your advantage when using a platform weapon. When Narva charges for this attack, you can recognize him by the ring of lightning around him. It’s best to put some distance between you and Narva right now.

At this point, Narva’s limbs and wings begin to charge as well. This makes him more vulnerable. Narva becomes increasingly aggressive as her health deteriorates. Watch for another popup that says Draconator is active. This is another huge weapon for you. Knockout and stunner by Narva again. Point your head to the left side of the wall to use this cannon.

Monster Hunter Thunder Serpent Narva Boss Battle Stadium 3 raise

This is clearly the most difficult phase of the game. Attacks become more unpredictable at this stage. As in all phases, guns are your best friends in this fight. Beware, however, of attacks that will scare you off these platforms. At this point, almost all attacks are combined with the expansion of the electrical rings. Stay with it and focus your attacks on the intestines. Eventually Narva will be defeated.

That’s all you need to know to defeat the Thunder Serpent of Narva in Monster Hunter Rise. While not missing how to get Fulgurbug and how to get into the training area.

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