As the boss of the current Teiwat event, the resurrected Cryo Regisvine is one of the toughest bosses in the game. You’ll meet this boss in Act IV: An intruder. The mechanics of this fight will be different from the duel in Miracle of Frostborn. In this guide we will focus on the quest battle where you have to beat him once to continue the event. The second fight can be repeated several times to get more loot. How can I beat Regiswin’s restoration cryo at Genshin Impact?

How to beat a restorative Cryo recipe in Genshin’sShowcase?

how to defeat the cryonic boss.

To defeat this boss, you have to deal with attacks such as Vessel Drop, Ice Beam, Vessel Splash, Slingshot Attack and Blizzard. It is essential to know when to evade and which counter-attacks work. Here you can see how easy it is to kill the boss of Reviving Cryo Regiswin.

  • Ice trap: To prevent falling ships, look at the indicators of the blue circle on the bottom. Once you see the indicators, go in a different direction to avoid them. But try not to rush, but try to keep up, because the fever will tire you. Remember, ships explode even within a small radius, so don’t drop the ship into the area.
  • Ice ray: The revived Cryo Regisvine launches two ice beams that keep chasing you for a hit. Keep moving to avoid them. Watering is only recommended in emergencies to maintain stamina.
  • Ice splashing: The boss attacks the player with three fast ice shots. You can use all your accumulated energy there, and fast. It’s pretty easy to avoid it with the right timing.
  • Spin Attack: The pattern touches the ground and performs a sling attack in the circular area. This attack is introduced by a short animation. So, once the motion animation has started, get out of the attack radius quickly.
  • Blizzard: After recovering from the player’s attacks, the boss causes a blizzard on the player. Destroy the ice cube that just seemed to save your health. If you can’t get to it in time, launch a shield to limit the damage.

Knowing the right methods to dodge or defend against the various attacks of the resurgent Cryo Regisvine will make your job much easier.

The right batch to beat Regisvine’s restoration cryo

Since the Reviving Cryo-Regiswine is essentially a resuscitated Cryo-Regiswine, we must avoid collecting Hydro characters in your party. The resurgent Cryo Regisvine can freeze all Hydro-characters with all their attacks. So choose a thyroid character, a healer and two pyrotechnic characters. If you want to work together, make sure your team member follows the same structure.

Planning your adaptation strategy

The basic combat mechanism is similar to a normal Cryoregiswine, so we have to break the winter seeds to ward off the boss’ power explosion. Restore and heal quickly while defending Seeds of Winter, because opening your inventory won’t put this fight on hold for other boss fights. Use two Pyro-symbols to amplify elementary resonance attacks. Finally, make sure your best sword artist is equipped with the festive vow you took in Act 1 above. When everything is prepared and organized, we are ready to meet the boss.

Three-phase Leader Combat

The battle against the boss is divided into three different phases and a final phase.

Phase 1

  • During the first phase of Resurgent Cryo, Regisvine cannot be directly attacked by the player because of the protective shield Frost Spike.
  • You must use scarlet quartz to destroy the three ice buds. Cryo Slimes continues to be generated in this phase when you are in single player mode.
  • In the henhouse it is replaced by cryoplants and large cryo snakes.
  • Avoid freezing rain, because the cryo left behind will cause little extra damage.
  • If the Frost Spike’s shield breaks, the boss wakes up.
  • Attacking his weak point anaesthetises him and allows us to carry out follow-up attacks and combos.
  • Also note that the freezing rain stops after 20 seconds, giving you time to attack the Mucus and melt your shield.

Phase 2:

  • In a second step, the boss transforms the entire floor into a gigantic cryoblock that causes considerable damage, after which he performs his triple attacks in which ice cubes land on the floor and explode.
  • These attacks are repeated three times in a row.
  • Seed of Winter Shield does not protect the player from triple combo attacks.
  • The second phase occasionally produces scarlet quarters, three in total.
  • When the HP Shield panel appears, launch a Crimson Agate Fire Sign attack to melt the shield.
  • Once the shield is down, the boss will be eliminated. When using the Elemental Reaction, an overwhelming reaction that causes both pyro- and electrical damage to the Cryo Boss.
  • The pyrotechnic characters Crimson Agate and Festering Desire kill a third of the boss’s health at this stage.

Phase 3 and final phase:

  • The third and final phase is accompanied by a heavy snowstorm.
  • Use the above tips to protect yourself during this third phase, because after that the first phase will start and repeat itself.
  • Look for winter seeds near the ruin burners that pop up from time to time, as this indicates the beginning of a powerful boss eruption that will swallow up most of your health.
  • You have five seconds to destroy the winter seeds to protect yourself from this attack.
  • While the protected player has only ten seconds to heal and revive the characters.
  • Remember, the bosses’ fight doesn’t stop during the opening inventory. After repeating this sequence three times, the player enters the final phase.
  • Save the basic Pyropersona gusts for this phase, because you also have to protect yourself against possible attacks.
  • To prevent the cycle from repeating, you must do considerable damage and defeat the restorative Cryo-Rejuswine at this stage.

The battle has revived cryo-regis-regis-regis-boss.


Because Resurgent Cryo Regisvine is unique in this event and in the game as a whole, the reward at the end with Wondrous Essence and 2250 Battle Points is more than satisfying if you beat him within 300 seconds.

I hope this makes your boss’s fight easier than your last attempt. Don’t hesitate to bring a friend to the co-op to make it easier for you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friend before the battle starts. With this in mind, there are some Genshin impact guides you should not miss.

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