If you’re looking for a new way to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO, here’s the simplest solution: just cheat. But if you really want to defeat him and catch that shiny Pidgeot with ease, read on!

The “how to beat giovanni pokemon go” is a guide that will help you beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

In Pokemon GO, here's how to beat Giovanni (February 2022)

Whatever else you may think of Giovanni and Team Rocket in general, the guy is unflappable. He’s been a part of the criminal underworld for more than two decades, all while managing his responsibilities as a Gym Leader and other obligations. That’s probably why he employs so many soldiers and administrators: he needs them all to do everything he doesn’t have time for. It comes to reason, therefore, that when he appears in front of you and proposes a Pokemon combat, you’ve irritated him to the point that he’s had to change his schedule. Let’s not be rude, will we? In Pokemon GO, here’s how to defeat Giovanni in his February 2022 iteration.

In Pokemon GO, here’s how to beat Giovanni (February 2022)

Giovanni, like the Rocket Leaders, has three rounds of possible Pokemon to hurl at you. In a break from the Rocket Leaders, the first round will always be his personal companion Pokemon, the second round will be a random pick from one of three Pokemon, and the third round will always be an incredibly strong Legendary. The following artists are on Giovanni’s bill:

  • First round: Persia
  • Round 2: Rhyperior, Nidoking, or Kingler
  • Shadow Lugia (Round 3)

Persian is the first, a pure Normal type. Persian isn’t something to be concerned about; its stats are all rather ordinary, and it doesn’t throw any really interesting curveballs in its moveset. Any suitably powerful Fighting type, such as Lucario or Conkeldurr, can easily dispatch it, however if you don’t mind the battle dragging on a little longer, you may try a Grass type, such as Roserade or Rillaboom. In a minute, we’ll explain why. 

The second round is where things start to become a bit more difficult. This round, we have Kingler, a pure Water type, Nidoking, a Poison/Ground type, and Rhyperior, a Ground/Rock type as alternatives. All three of these Pokemon are much more powerful than Persian, with Rhyperior having the best overall starting stats. As a result, exploiting flaws is a lot more crucial this round. This is why having a Grass type on deck during the first round may be advantageous, since both Kingler and Rhyperior are vulnerable to Grass techniques. If Giovanni summons Nidoking, your backup Pokemon should be an Ice type like Mamoswine or Galarian Darmanitan, which may exploit Nidoking’s flaws while also providing support in the final round.

Giovanni will bring out his favorite illegal Legendary, Shadow Lugia, a Psychic/Flying type, for round three. You may retain your Ice type on deck to wear Shadow Lugia down if it’s still in fighting form, but don’t expect them to be able to do the job on their own. Ideally, your third Pokemon should be a Legendary of your own. Shadow Lugia’s stats are quite high, so you’ll need at least a Legendary or third-tier evolution to match it. Darkrai or Raikou would be your greatest Legendary choices. Their pure Dark and pure Electric types provide them resistance to Shadow Lugia’s kit at best, or neutrality at worst, because to strong attack numbers and type dominance. In the event of a Legendary being unavailable, Walrein, Typhlosion, or Aggron should suffice.

Giovanni is a level 30 player in Pokemon GO. He has the following weaknesses: Psychic, Ice, and Dragon. Reference: giovanni pokemon go weakness.

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