Achieving 100% progress in exploration won’t necessarily reward you, but it will encourage you to explore Teivat and find more treasures on your journey, of course. The game gives you all the tools to carry out the exploration of your progress. Those of you who prefer to stay away from group generated maps on the Internet can now breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s our guide on how to achieve 100% exploration progress in Genshin Impact.

Given the size of the game, we decided to provide you with some useful adventures to complete your exploration of the progression. The advantage of this type of information over a location map is that it can help you with all aspects of the game, not just one. Exploration is tied to so many features of the game that training adventure skills only makes sense now, not later, especially for future map updates.

Message: While this guide does not cover the details of how to progress in Dragonspine, most of the tips (with the exception of the gadgets) will still be useful.

Achieve 100% exploration progress on Genshin exposure

The following three sections highlight the characteristics of the Genshin impact that have been shown to enhance exploration progress at each site.

Statue of the Seven and Teleportation Points

Unlocking the map by activating the seven statues and teleportation points is by far the best way to increase your exploration progress. Not only will you see the wonders of Teiwat, but we guarantee you will come across many treasure chests, oculi and more as you explore these integral places.


Although many interactive online maps show the exact location of all oculi, a more pleasant alternative might be to spend time at the alchemy table making geocools or anemocool resonance stones. You must have the 25th. Have a level 2 reputation in Moon City and/or Liyue to get the recipes for these gadgets.

Unfortunately, each resonance stone can only be used once before it disappears from your inventory. Stock up on these materials if you want to make anemocool or geocool resonance bricks:

  • Production of materials for the Anemocula resonance stone: Dandelion seed (x5), Cecilia (x5), Crystal piece (x1)
  • Production of materials for the Geoculus resonance stone: Lapis Horn (x5), Ice Lily (x5), Crystal Pieces (x1)

Treasure chests (Seeley, destruction puzzles, balloon flowers, etc.)

Like Oculi, the game has an underrated gimmick that helps you find all the (miraculously) hidden treasure chests in Teivat. Fortunately, this gadget doesn’t disappear after one use and stays in your inventory forever. Don’t forget that it can show you a treasure chest hidden behind broken stones or unsolved riddles!

As a reward for reaching reputation level 6 in Moon City and/or Liyue, you will receive the blueprints for these Treasure Compass gadgets. Don’t forget to go to the blacksmith to forge, and not to the alchemy table at mistake…..

  • Forging materials needed for the Anemo Treasure Compass: Gold Crow Badge of Honor (10), Filanemo Mushrooms (30), Crystal Pieces (50)
  • Forge the materials needed for the geo treasure compass: Honorary Golden Crow (10), Lapis Horn (30), Crystal Pieces (50).

You can check out our Treasure Collector’s Badge Farming Guide to get the materials you need for the Golden Raven Badge.

Message: An exploration progress of 100% does not mean that all treasure chests will be found. You can still use your treasure compass to find other chests, but they are much harder to find!

Tips for adventurers

If you’re looking for ways to increase your exploration progress and you’re not yet in the adventure rank or reputation level mentioned above, just enjoy the view while you play and follow these general adventure tips.

  • Pick up all the shiny objects you see and thank us afterwards.
  • Try to climb up so you don’t miss anything around you.
  • Enjoy the elemental view! It’s easier for you to notice everything.
  • Use your map contacts to record your route and mark points you want to ignore.

Many of Genshin Impact’s key properties are dependent on exploration activities and daily cycles. If you see something interesting in the distance (crystal ore, ancient ruins, glowing giant trees), head there immediately. experience has shown that the distraction of a confrontation with Genshin is actually a good thing. Finally, supplies and money are needed to upgrade all your favorite characters and weapons.

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