Anyone can access the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates underwater domain in Genshin Impact. But there are a few things you need to know before you get started:

In the latest episode of the Genshin Impact, a series of videos that explains how the undersea domain in Genshin Impact is accessed, the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates (E.B.A.T.G) is referenced. A user (who would like to remain anonymous) was able to access the domain, but the process required a lot of trial and error and required the use of a special tool to do so. Neither the user nor the author have ever seen a tool like that in any other channel, so he decided to write a tutorial on how to do it.

By using a special command, you can obtain the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates underwater domain in Genshin Impact.

An undersea mystery awaits in Genshin Impact’s new area of Inazuma. To the north of Inazuma, players have discovered a teleport point and a domain lying under the water, and they’re wondering how to get inside.

We’ll teach you how to accomplish exactly that in this tutorial, but it’ll be a lengthy and complex procedure that will take a lot of time. To begin, go to the Araumi area in the island’s northwestern corner.

Here, you’ll need to activate four electric pillars in order to activate the cube in the area’s center, near the circular tower covered in roots. After that, a tunnel will appear underneath the circular tower. Anyone who has previously completed the Cleansing Defilement task may simply drop down.


At Araumi, the Round Tower is inaugurated.

There are four distinct electrical pillars that need to be activated in order to unlock the circular tower. On the southern side of the tower ruins, two can be located quite close to the center cube. To activate them, just strike them both with an electrical ability.


The second pillar, which is encircled by a cube puzzle, may be located behind the circular tower. Switching to a Bow user is a smart option here, so bring out Amber if she’s the only one you have. In the following sequence, hit the blocks:

  • Top left
  • center of the top
  • center of the top
  • Top left


After that, use an electrical ability to strike the pillar. Finally, down near the shore, the final electric pillar may be discovered.


Drop down inside the circular tower and use your Memento Lens to scan each of the three Earth Kitsunes there. Three switches will emerge on the wall behind them, which you must activate to unlock the level beneath you. Dro down into the chamber below and turn left for the barrier problem, then right for the next cube puzzle to continue on your way to the domain.


Head to the rear of the room and turn around when you reach the cube problem. Hit the cube twice on the front left, then the cube twice on the rear right. This will result in the spawning of a chest nearby, as well as the water level in the hole on the floor beside it receding.


Drop into the water and swim all the way to the end of the hallway, then climb the stairs back up. To discover another cube problem, turn around. If necessary, switch back to a bow user and strike the center cube twice to complete the challenge. Turn around and open the grill behind you with the door cube, then down the steps and to the left, all the way to the round door.


Open it, then go down the lengthy hallway toward the Perpetual Mechanic Array in a boss chamber. Float across the chamber to the other side’s stairwell and climb them. You’ll eventually arrive at a huge cavern with a teleport point that you should use.

Continue on until you reach a chamber with a puzzle on the floor. When you step on the elevated block, a slew of other blocks appear from the ground. Go all the way around the outside to the right, then step into the inside line and move all the way around to the left when you reach an already lighted up square. Move into the next chamber and repeat the process, except this time head right on both tracks. If you’re still unsure, the video linked above may be of assistance.

That’s all; the entrance to the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates will emerge from the ground, ready for you to interact with and open.

The Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates is a location in the games Genshin Impact and Vindictus. It is one of the four special locations in Genshin Impact, the other three being the Desert of the Unknown, the Ancient Tree Forest and the Last Final Dungeon.. Read more about empty boat of a thousand gates how to unlock and let us know what you think.

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