A “Chocobo” is a type of fictional bird in the Final Fantasy series, native to the world of Eos. Chocobos feature as an important part of many games throughout the series and have appeared on everything from cards to stuffed toys. In other words, they’re everywhere!

The “ffxiv reset chocobo color” is a command-line tool that allows users to reset their Chocobo’s skills in FFXIV.

How Do You Reset Chocobo Skills in FFXIV? –

You may retrain your Chocobos’ talents by feeding them a Reagan Pepper, which you can purchase for 48,000 company seals from your Grand Company quartermaster or 20 Allied Seals from any of the Hunt Billmasters.

Chocobos are important characters in Final Fantasy XIV.

Especially for those who prefer going on solitary adventures.

Chocobos may be set up to do anything your character wants them to do, whether it’s tanking, healing, or inflicting damage. They may also serve as your initial mount and operate as an extension of your inventory.

In my view, one of the best aspects of Final Fantasy XIV in compared to other MMOs is the freedom.

Do you want to change jobs? Just go for it. There’s no need for a slew of alts when you can keep everything on one account.

However, there are certain drawbacks to this. It’s possible that you’ll need to carry many pieces of armor if you’re doing various tasks.


Yellow chocobo in its stable / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


To get the most out of your chocobo, you may need to rejig their skill set.

If you’re aiming to level a healer, having your feathery companion take on a tanking role can be more advantageous.

You may want them on hand to heal you if you’re tanking or dishing damage.

Fortunately, your chocobo can accomplish it all – but you’ll need to get a Reagan Pepper to refund and reassign all of those talents.

These peppers can be found in two places, and most players should be able to get their hands on one rather fast.


What Is The Best Way To Get A Reagan Pepper?

Reagan Peppers are available from two sources:

The first is the quartermaster of your Grand Company. The Maelstrom’s quartermaster, seen below, is based at Limsa Lominsa.

You’ll have to go to Gridania if you’re with the Twin Adders.

Head to Ul’dah if you’re with the Immortal Flames!


The Maelstrom Quartermaster Screenshot / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


Reagan Peppers may be acquired for 48,000 Company Seals from these GC merchants. This may seem to be a large number, but Company Seals are earned by breathing in Final Fantasy XIV, so most players should have a good number on hand.

However, this isn’t a little sum of money.

It may take some time to harvest enough this way, so be sure you’re serious about changing your chocobo’s talents before spending.

Hunt Billmasters is the second place where you may get Reagan Peppers.

These may be found in all three main cities, and the Gridanian one can be seen in the image below.


Gridania Hunt Billmaster NPC Location / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


A Reagan Pepper costs 20 Allied Seals to purchase from a Hunt Billmaster.

This money is more precious and difficult to earn than Company Seals, although it is significantly easier to obtain.

So, if you have the choice, this is usually the most practical.


Reagan Pepper Item Menu Details / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


What Is A Reagan Pepper And How Do I Use It?

You don’t need to have access to a Chocobo Stable to achieve this, thankfully.

Raising a Chocobo necessitates having access to a Stable, either via your own house or through your Grand Company — and not everyone has one!

As a result, the Reagan Pepper may be utilized like any other consumable item from your inventory.

It’s nice and simple!

You may further personalize your Chocobo by using “barding” goods, which can be obtained from a variety of places, and you can even change the color of your mount by feeding it certain meals.

Please keep in mind that the information in this page only refers to the Grand Company Chocobo you get through the quest “My Little Chocobo.”

You won’t be able to use any of this on any other Chocobo mounts you may get.

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The “reagan pepper ffxiv” is a class of high-level spells that can be used by the Red Mage. The skill can be reset in FFXIV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my chocobos talent?

A: There is no way to reset your talent, but you can re-spec it at will.

Can you max out chocobo skills?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. The maximum amount of skill points in a chocobos stat pool cannot be increased or decreased by players, but they can still achieve high levels through level ups and mastering skills individually.

Can chocobo learn all skills?

A: Yes! Chocobo can learn all skills.
This is because they are a race from Final Fantasy, which has an expansive lore that allows for such things.

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