Yoshida will be bringing a new Level Sync raid, which is the first in Final Fantasy XIV history. He expects this to bring even more players back into the game and give them an opportunity for fresh content. The team has also been working on making it easier for people to casually play dungeons, as well as daily quests that have shorter timers (5 minutes or less).

The “gleaner ffxiv” is a creature that you can find in the game Final Fantasy XIV. In order to get one, you must kill a certain amount of them.

Through the Retainer Venture “Woodland Exploration XXVI,” it is sometimes possible to get the Greener Gleaner Minion. Only a Botanist may access this specific Venture. A Level of 81 and a Gathering Score of 1,815 are additional prerequisites.

You will have to compete with RNG to get this Minion since it is an uncommon prize.

Moreover, retainers have the same level cap as your character. In order to prevent your Retainer from being trapped collecting popotoes, you must also be a Level 81 Botanist.

The good news is that a botanist retainer is probably something you want anyhow.

In general, it is quite beneficial to be able to speed up material farming. I won’t even discuss the special prizes, like the Greener Gleaner Minion.


Admonishing a Retainer for refusing to bring back the proper reward / Final Fantasy XIVAll rights reserved. SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


It takes 18 hours to finish the Woodland Exploration XXVI Venture.

Consequently, getting your Minion can take a bit.

All potential awards include the ones listed below:

  • Experience Points: 3,179,200
  • Silver Allagan Piece (8–9 qty.)
  • (9–11 qty.) Dark Hemp
  • Horse Chestnut Log (9–11 qty.
  • PDA Log (9qty.)
  • 9–11 qty. of palm syrup
  • (9–11 qty.) Red Pine Logs
  • (9–11 qty.) of snow flax
  • Minion Greener Gleaner (1qty.)

If you’re a Carpenter, the benefits are excellent. Not if your only goal is to capture the Minion.

The Greener Gleaner will soon be yours if you keep sending out your Retainer.


A Retainer’s Retention


Tanine, The Retainer Vocate of Old Sharlayan / FFXIVAll rights reserved. SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You may have up to two free Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV.

Through Mog Station, you may buy more Retainers. These cost $2 a month, although they do provide extra Inventory Space, which is hard to quantify.

You may do it at the following places if you ever need to hire a retainer:

  • X:15 Y:9 Old Gridania, Parnell, Shaded Bower
  • Chachabi Chabi (Ul’dah – Sapphire Avenue Exchange, Steps of Thal, X:13 Y:10)
  • East Hawkers’ Alley, Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, X:8 Y:11, Frydwyb
  • Prunilla (The Pillars of Durendaire Manor, Foundation, X:8 Y:11)
  • Kazashi (X:12 Y:12, Kugane – Kugane Ofunakura)
  • The Crystarium’s Misfrith (X:10 Y:13 of Musica Universalis)
  • Old Sharlayan’s Tanine (The Agora, X:13 Y:11)

You may move your retainer or modify their jobs with the help of these NPCs.

Because of factors like Market Board Taxes, relocations are important. Your Retainer may wear unique, superior Gear while switching from, example, Lancer to Dragoon.

It’s a little simpler if all you need to do is alter your retainer’s class: just go to any retainer bell. “Reset Retainer class. (Current)” is the lowest option after choosing your retainer.

That they will have to start from scratch at Level 1 is the type of horrible news in this situation.

Then, in order to raise their Level once again, you must send them on further Ventures.

You can see how having more than two retainers might be rather advantageous now.

Generally speaking, having one Retainer as your Main Combat Job and another as a Gatherer is a wise choice.

Hopefully, you decided on botanist in this situation. I wish you luck!

The “ffxiv flag minion” is a collectable item that can be found in the game. The item is a small, green, circular creature with an eye on its head and a leaf for clothing. It has been added as part of the game’s new expansion pack, Heavensward.

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