Yesterday I had a lot of headaches when I tried to play COD Call of Duty on my ps4 and got a CE-36244-9 error. I have tried several methods and corrected the error, and if you get the same error CE-36244-9, don’t worry, I will help you correct it from your ps4.

This type of error is caused by a weak internet connection when downloading games. If your uploaded data is damaged, this error will appear repeatedly.

Recently this error Ce-36244-9 appeared on COD while it was published on ps plus.

the official ps4 website has provided a solution, which is listed below

  • Library help:
  • Error codes

Download suspended. Uploaded content is susceptible to corruption.

  1. Reboot the PlayStation 4 system. Then restart the download.

You can restart the download by clicking on the game icon on the home screen or via [Notifications] > [Downloads].

  1. If the error reoccurs, check the LAN settings.

– Switch to static IP or try changing the DNS server.
– Try another network, if possible.
– The connection may be temporarily busy, please try again later.

  1. If the error persists or if you have already updated your hard drive, switch to the original hard drive and reinstall the system software.

If you are using a source hard drive, try initializing the system under [Settings] > [Initialization] > [Initializing PlayStation 4] > [Quick].

After initializing the system, try downloading the contents of the library again.

This is a solution from the official ps4 website, and most of the players’ problems are solved this way, but it is also true here: If your error appears on the screen, we have other solutions.

Other possible solutions for malfunctions CE-36244-9

  • Poor internet connection when downloading games on ps4
  • As a result of a server failure while downloading data.
  • Replace or update your hard drive with ps4
  • damaged data or database or ps4 application

In order to solve any problems, you must ensure a stable internet connection. Once you have checked your connection, download and install the game or application from the beginning. Then restart your PS4. This corrects the error – CE-32644-9 – if the error is due to damaged data.

Solving the hard disk drive problem on ps4

Error CE-32644-9 when replacing the hard disk drive with ps4 was corrected by the previous one.

  • If you have recently changed or upgraded your ps4 hard drive, try replacing your previous hard drive with a ps4 drive.
  • After changing the HDS PS4, you will need to reinstall and configure the ps4 system software.
  • Then start again in your ps4 and check if the error has been corrected.

Changing DNS settings to correct errors

Sometimes DNS changes also lead to an error. If you still have a slow internet connection and a ps4, changing the DNS can help correct the error, because DNS is responsible for the best server and the best connection. If your DNS causes a slow internet connection to your ps4, the game file will be corrupted when downloading the game. If you’re from the U.S., I recommend you use Google’s DNS. In this article I gave you the fastest DNS server of which you can get a list of DNS.

list of the fastest ps4 dns servers – Read HERE

if you want to read about adding a proxy to ps4.

Now when you decide which DNS server to use, follow our guide to changing DNS settings to ps4 — read here

Other error solutions ps4

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