Thetalismans of the 1990s have experienced a revival in recent years.

It seems that dead series like the Crash Bandicut are among the bestsellers again. You’d think there was plenty of time to become nostalgic, and with it the influx of titles.

And if it’s true that people cling to scum when they’re kids, maybe there’s something else. Specifically: Marketing. Like many other aspects of gaming, marketing has evolved significantly with the advent of the Internet.


Pop culture Moloch YouTube has emerged as an important cornerstone in the marketing of video games. So much so that YouTube can practically launch or destroy the game on its own. And that’s what we’re dealing with today.

Influence of YouTube on game sales

According to Superdata Research, about 44% of people come to YouTube for game content. Twitch’s second major rival is a dwarf who represents only 16% of the population.

game channels and play the video that dominates the platform. This is due to the way YouTube assesses the quality of the content. YouTube’s algorithm ranks videos based on viewer retention compared to actual viewing. Simply put, how long does someone watch a certain video.


This is a fair standard of quality. The error in video playback is that it is quick and easy to produce without the need for scripting or adjustments. For example, specialist broadcasters can download an hour of video clips every day, creating a core audience and an illusion of quality.

The simplicity of the approach has exploded platform games for the benefit of game developers. To understand why this is so, we must first look at the three main pillars of marketing that the media possess, pay and earn.

YouTube and earned media

The explosions of the first two concepts belong to the media – corporate sites, channels, etc., while the paid media are mainly advertising and sponsorship. Deserved media is an important pillar here, because that’s where YouTube comes into the picture.

Deserved media is understood to mean any form of advertising the product receives free of charge via word of mouth. Something that has inexorably grown from the Internet. Let’s play the video in the category earned media, because it is a voluntary promotion of popular games.

YouTube has set a new standard for meritorious media by clustering free advertising channels. The popularity of the channels can be determined by the latest and hottest games, so everyone wants to be at the beginning of major releases.

Hundreds of stations broadcast the most popular games and increase their own popularity. It is a win-win model, the content maker makes more money and the developer sells more copies of his game.

And with 44% of the aforementioned players coming to YouTube for consumer advice, the well-known games are experiencing a huge increase in sales.

Safety change to

The reason we’re telling all this is that YouTube has recently made changes to the brand’s security rules, which have significantly changed the course of this trend. In light of increasing pressure for violence in gambling, YouTube has taken a firm stance.

Modification of the rules of the censorship website specifically aimed at playing with violence or abuse. Anything that stands for blood, coarse language or sexual relations will almost certainly be removed. This means that the creator will not make any money with this content.

Without any incentive, the primary and secondary game chains are gradually becoming more and more derived from AAA games. Games are considered too risky for the brand’s new security rules. This has resulted in an avalanche of videos with safer games such as Fortnite.

In short, the FPS has survived for so long and has even won the Game of the Year award. It’s a quality illusion. Because it’s safe, it’s still trendy on YouTube and culturally relevant to the YouTube generation.

Trade on YouTube

The rise of the mascotin the 1990s

This quickly led to the demise of the adult games, and many more recent recordings such as Rage 2 have had a failed start. These meritorious media have started using family-friendly titles.

This means that if you want to produce a successful FPS game, you’d better get your wallet out of the initial funding of an aggressive swing action. It does not go beyond the big studios and publishers, but not for all games. It’s too expensive to manage such a big brand.

So, if you’re a PlayStation, what do you do? Fill your intermediate-level topics with family games that can bring you to the media table you’ve won. Simulate the nostalgia for tracks like Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot, and then recreate it.

All this in accordance with the safety rules of the brand, which can work well with much less investment in advertising. Allows you to return dollars for your AAA campaigns such as Death Thread and Last of Us Part 2.

That’s what got us all looking for games that aren’t even 25 years old. Of course, this is the first important step before everything becomes nostalgic. This is a new generation of marketing, motivated by the dominance of new media on YouTube.

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