Hollow Knight is full of customization options with the best anti-boss charm to suit your playing style. With a lot of charm, however, the forest hunters become much lighter, so you won’t be overwhelmed when you explore the vast artistic landscape.

You can take over the Speed Runner building at any time, consisting of Grubsong, Unbreakable Heart, a sign of pride, Long Nail and Quick Slash to get you through the game quickly and efficiently.

The total number of amulets is 45, and the capacity to store 40 amulets at a time can be enormous. However, there are many ways to succeed in Empty Knight, and we have XX best charms in Empty Knight for Fighter Bosses to help you combine options according to your playing style.

High speed motor force

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Often the most common meeting for those who want to beat the game as soon as possible, there are many reasons why this accumulation of charm works well. Since many of these amulets will also be usable in other constructions, this is an excellent starting point.

Grubsong – With this talisman you can get a soul if you suffer damage. The soul is a precious resource, and in this building it is often used to restore health between the boss’s battles. Combined with the following charm, this will undoubtedly help you to survive for a long time.

Broken Heart – This charm is supported by a variety of designs because of their general usefulness. Here you have a charm that increases the health of the owner and makes you much more durable. This version of the charm is also unbreakable for a bonus.

Mark of Pride – Our first battle spell also offers many advantages because of its always positive effects. Thanks to this charm, the reach of the user’s nails is significantly increased. This makes it easier for you to meet the boss and keep a safe distance.

Long nail – As a sign of pride, this pendant extends the length of the user’s nails. You will notice a difference when merging, as this is often the favorite style of players who mainly use their nails to fight.

Quick Slash – The last part of the Speedranner assembly is probably the most useful because it greatly increases the speed of the nail attacks. With faster attacks, you can do more damage in less time, making this spell amazing for nail hunters.

Lead Flutes

Despite its dubious name, this theatre stands for a lot of fun and, in addition to a unique playing style, also brings a more effective charm. This building is ideal for bosses because it has a large damage area, making it ideal for many bosses who don’t move around much.

This test focuses on a combination of Flukenest and Defender’s Crest and is based on the support of Unbreakable Heart and Soul Eater. Since you are already familiar with Unbreakable Heart, we will address the issue of additional support before focusing on the damage to the combo.

Soul devourer – This spell has an effect that greatly increases the number of souls you receive when you touch your opponent’s nails. This gives you easy access to the soul you need to continue your combined attack.

Luckiest – This spell turns your vengeful mind attack spell into a large collection of dangerous child worms. Then you can throw it at your enemies to hurt them.

Defender’s Crest – Here your character will constantly radiate what the game lovingly called the heroic scent. The emitted odour will cause permanent damage to enemies within their range.

Through the combination of Flukenest and Defender’s Crest your volatile worms also spread a scent. After an explosion, your random bursts and clouds can take up almost a third of the screen, causing continuous damage.

This combination works well with enemies and slow moving teleporters because they often teleport directly into your long cloud.

Armoured projectile

This body brings a lot of new charm and always keeps a sign of pride useful. Other charms normally included in this building are Sporn Shrum, Grimmshild, Dream Window and Shape Un.

Players who use this building have the advantage that they don’t have to fight nearby, because it allows them to adopt a defensive style of play. Mark of Pride will help you preserve your soul with damaged nails, while other stimuli are activated.

Grimmshild – The main damage of the offensive on this building is caused by this strong charm. Their character is followed by a non-directed fixed tower in the form of a sinister shield. It will do you considerable damage.

Spore Shroom – This spell allows you to create a cloud of conflict when you are focused on the soul. The result is a constant source of damage that occurs every time you begin to heal – a great way to do extra damage while you’re still alive.

Form Unn – An extra stimulus for extra benefit in concentrating the soul. Each time this spell is activated, you will be reduced in size so you can dodge attacks and quickly recover between damages.

Dreamshield is one of the best protection and charm instruments in the game. With Dreamseld, your character gets a shield that constantly revolves around them, biting into both defense and attack. Any enemy hitting the shield suffers damage, while the shield effectively reduces the damage caused by projectiles.

Thanks to a dynamic combination of offensive and defensive skills, this construction makes it easy to make progress in the game. This building is best suited for patterns that shoot with many or small shells and are usually difficult to hit.

Eternal stability

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/1607456046_0_Hollow-Knight---19-Best-Charms-for-Boss-Fights--.jpg--19 The best shooter in the fight against the bosses....jpg

This design focuses on improving your healing and protection capabilities, so you can fight long and difficult battles without too much effort. Here we have mixed a new charm with the ones already mentioned. Typical combinations are Quick Focus, Deep Focus, Baldur shell, Tail Storm and Protective Comb.

Quick Focus is the perfect incentive to heal the point of impact of the mask faster. This allows you to shorten the healing time, so that you don’t get caught in an attack if you try to heal from the previous one. It works exceptionally well in combination with the following charm.

Depth of field – If you are equipped with this amulet, you can treat two impact point masks instead of one at a time. By using this spell alone, you have more time to concentrate on your healing. You can combine this with a precise focus to heal two masks in a little less time than is normally needed to repair a mask.

Baldur Shell – The use of this amulet allows you to improve your defensive skills during the game. Its effect means that you will suffer less damage if you focus on the soul.

If you combine all the pleasures of this building, you will be extremely resistant and make a decent mess if you move around and take care of yourself. It’s hard to make a mistake with this construction, because a high survival rate should help you face the toughest bosses in the game.

Beating other big bosses Charms

While these constructions are enough to guide you through the game, there are many other options you need to explore to make the right adjustments to your style of play. Try to experiment with this spell and kill any boss that gets in your way.

Shaman Stone – the ultimate spell for any spell construction is an excellent option, especially if your character is first and foremost a wizard. Unlike many hack and slash games, the style of spells in Hollow Knight is superior to the art of sword nails. The equipment of the Shaman Stone gives you considerable strength for the spells you cast.

Slingshot Spell – Although not as useful for a wizard as the Shaman’s Stone, this spell is very useful for anyone who uses a wizard on Playstation because it reduces the cost of the soul to cast a spell. There’s no better price choice when it comes to spells.

The glory of the horseshoe – One of the best charms of the game, this charm is often found in all scrum constructions. This effectively reduces the loading time of any nail art you learn from the nail masters you meet during the game. This is surprising for effective combat, as most skills take a considerable amount of time to recharge.

Unbreakable Strength is a spell that takes melee combat to a higher level by giving a 50% damage bonus on the nails, even in its weakened state. We don’t even have to worry about this fragile form collapsing into sleepy battles. However, this does not lead to more nail damage.


With these 19 spells in your arsenal, you should have no problem beating the toughest bosses of the game in style after a little practice. But there’s still a lot of fun to try, so try experimenting and you’ll find lots of fun ways to play Void Knight.

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