Five new contracts were added to the Hitman 3 list in February. They were all completed by members of MinnMaxShow on YouTube. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the first of these contracts – Get Loaded – called Silent Assassin. Don’t worry. It’s much easier than the usual Silent Assassin or Sniper Assassin passes.

Objectives and limitations.


This feature instructs you to eliminate two targets. You get extra points if you kill them with falling objects. The only limit is that you fail if you kill a non-target.

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The workload on this contract should be nothing special. To make things easy for us, we chose the starting position in the security room so that we would automatically get coverage from event security. All you need are coins and a gun with a silencer. We will bring a snow globe for good luck.

Step 1 – Kill Aslam Wahba

Your first objective is very close to this starting point. Turn right and go to the large window of the security room. You can see him leaning against the fountain.


Hide the window and go to the left. There is a large opening here where no one will see you. Now you have to pull the chain that holds the big light over your target’s head. It bounces against it and counts as an accidental death.


Step 2 – go to the black-and-gold bar

Your second goal is to get to the Black Gold Bar. You can walk down the stairs from your current position and turn left to get there. Movement throughout the building. You can also go through the security room and a series of maintenance rooms to gain access by turning right from your current position and going through the double doors.

There is absolutely no rush to get to the next destination. It will take some time to get it in place, so take your time.


While the target is taking his time, climb the stairs behind the blue curtains to the left of the bar. At the top, turn left and walk up to the balcony where you can see the private bar below.


Below is a link to a map of the place.


Before you can do anything else, you must eliminate the guard patrolling this area. He will pass your position and stand in the left corner of this balcony. Then he will come around the corner and repeat that patrol.

Hide in a small room on the balcony. When that guard passes by, subject him from behind. You can keep his body in the closet in that room.


You are now free to kill the target, but you must first wait for a certain movement pattern from both NPCs.

Your target sits and talks with his friend for a while. Then the bartender comes in while the target is leaning over the railing at the back of the bar. She goes to the bar and takes a drink.

At this point, the bartender will begin to return to the main bar of Black Gold, and your target will leave and return to the table.

You have to flip a coin in the back corner of the downstairs room when the bartender leaves. For some reason, your target’s friend is too important to look at these things, so the bartender comes and checks. This is important because it prevents him from dropping the item.


When you are sure the bartender has been distracted, return to the room where you dropped off the bodyguard. Use the minimum to check your target’s return to the table. You’ll need to use the lever in that room to light it. Wait until he is halfway between the bar and the table.


Step 4 – Closing

Since you are masked, you can walk through the atrium if you wish. Any exit will do. On your way back through the black-and-gold bar, watch out for guards who can see through your disguise. Hiding in the crowd won’t help if they get too close.

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