The politician is another elusive target in Hitman 3, taken from the Hitman 2 archives. The trick with this particular target is that it uses a double. This makes it incredibly difficult to know which NPC is your target. In this guide, we will show you the best way to kill your target and end the mission with the rank of Silent Assassin.

Fugitive target warning

As with all elusive goals, you only have one chance to get it right. Once you start performing tasks, such as. B. kills a target, you will not be able to restart the mission. Until then, however, you can start over as many times as you like. We recommend following our route without killing the target multiple times. That way you know which NPCs are likely to be a problem and where you need to be more careful or work on your timing. Once you feel comfortable, tackle the task and kill your target. With a little practice you should be able to complete the mission without any problems.



This elusive target can be found in Hitman 2’s opening location, Hawk Bay. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you’ll need to purchase access via Hitman 2 Pass. There is only one starting point for this mission: the beach. As far as equipment goes, we keep it as simple as possible. All you need is to pick a lock.

Step 1: Go home.

From your first location on the beach, you should walk around the right side of the main building. You can do this by moving through the tall grass to hide Agent 47 from prying eyes. Stay along the edge of the car and garage as you approach the lawn.


Below is a map of where to go.


If you’re here, you should go to the garage. There’s a guard on top of the balcony who will almost see you if you do. Bend over and open the lock on the left side of the garage door. If you go right first and use the low wall as cover, the guard won’t notice you’re heading for the castle. If you do, the guard on the balcony might notice you, and come to investigate.

Step 2: Setting

Meanwhile, you can open the garage and go inside. Pay no attention to the two NPCs here. They won’t notice you. Pick up the wrench that is laying on the floor next to them and go through the open door on your right.


Follow the corridor and open the door at the end. It will be on your right hand. It leads to the stairs. Don’t go upstairs yet. There’s a guard upstairs who can see you.


Go up the stairs so you can see the guard, but he can’t see you. Wait until his head is forward. If this happens, throw a wrench at him to subdue him. Now that the guard is down, grab the key and the gun he dropped and take him through the double doors into the next corridor. In this space, there is a drawer where his body can be safely hidden.


Now you have to go back to the balcony where the guard was standing. There is an outdoor stove in the corner. You can sabotage it with a key so it kills the target within minutes. If you are exercising, wait here for a few seconds before continuing.


Step 3: Output

When the murder is committed, go down the stairs you came up. On the ground floor, turn right through the door. This leads to a door at the end of the corridor from earlier. It opens onto the living space of the house below.


Use your instincts to make sure no one sees you here. The target will wait for a while before he and his entourage go up. Once they do, use the lid system to move along the kitchen countertops and to the table. You need to get the car key, it’s on a plate on that table.


Below is a link to the map for the button.


Once you have the key, you need to go back to the garage and back into the tall grass. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the camera. Make sure he doesn’t see you. The target will go outside to smoke a cigarette, which will cause the accidental death you set up earlier. At this point, both outputs become active. One of them is the boat you used to get to the beach. If you have the car key, you can jump into the car that has been parked in the garage all this time.


Alternative method

For that elusive goal, we have a little diversion for those with more affordable equipment. If you have an ICA electrocution phone, you can kill a target without even entering the house. Follow the above route until you are hiding in the grass near the garage.


You just have to wait until the target walks up the stairs to his office. If she’s at the computer, she’ll be looking in your direction. Get so far out in the tall grass that she can almost see you. This should raise their suspicions and prompt them to investigate.


As soon as she leaves the room, throw the phone in the sand where she can see it. Now move away from the area and wait for him to come out.


The target will pass the phone on its way to investigate the position in which it saw you. When she finishes, she sees the phone on her way home and answers it. Now all you have to do is return to your starting position. You can then activate the phone and go directly to the exit.

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