This time around, Contracts mode has added the Entertainer which is a separate mode for targeting people. In this mode, the target has to be killed silently. It’s a good challenge mode for players who are just starting out as Hitman.

As the story goes, the Entertainer is a Hitman 2’s agent who has been turned into a cyborg by an unknown entity. The reason for the transformation is not known, but the agent’s new abilities may be the key to snuffing out the elusive target in this latest outing from the series’ creator.

Hitman 3 has been in development for quite some time, but the game maker seems to have finally unleashed its next episode. Apparently, the latest in Hitman has been given a name and a final release date, and the name is Elusive Target. The game will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Entertainer is an Elusive Target that was first introduced in Hitman 2016 and has since been reintroduced in Hitman 3. It coincides with the nocturnal Marrakech location’s free period, thus any Hitman 3 player may take down this Elusive Target between August 20 and 30. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish the task as a Silent Assassin.

Warning about an elusive target

You only have one opportunity to accomplish this assignment, like with other Elusive Targets. The option to restart is eliminated after you begin fulfilling goals, which include either murdering Mr. Giggles or collecting the Guest List from Marrakech. Instead, we suggest going through the route without collecting the Guest List or killing the target at least once to get a feel for it. After some practice, you’ll be able to take it on for real and see where the most difficult sections are and how to conquer them.


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This route’s loadout is as simple as it gets. You don’t need any of the items you’d have to get elsewhere in the game. We’ve tried to keep things as straightforward as possible. A lockpick is the only item we suggest carrying. If you don’t carry a handgun, this method is also much simpler since you won’t have to travel anywhere to dump it before being frisked. We chose an outfit that you receive for finishing the Dartmoor Garden Show.

Step 1: Poison the bearer of the key.

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We’ll need some deadly poison to kill Mr. Giggles, and we’ll need some emetic poison to obtain it. So, from your starting point, enter the souk and purchase the emetic poison from the store. This poison’s location may be found on the map below.

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Take this poison and exit the store on the left. You’ll see a lady moving between a locked shop and a water bottle. This woman’s location may be found on the map below.

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Drop the emetic poison in her drink while she’s not looking. This ensures that she uses the restroom later in the trip, when we can obtain the key from her.

Step 2: Join the celebration.

vault-into-cafe-hitman-3-the-entertainerGampepur’s screenshot

It’s now time to join the sheesha cafe’s celebration. You’ll need an invite first, so go to the rear of the pub at this spot and ask for one at the window. To locate it, use the map reference provided below.

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You may leap into the bar, take the card that’s laying on the table back here, and keep moving forward to go out as soon as the waiter walks up to his drink. You now have all you need to get entry. While you’re here, grab some truck keys from a table on the right-hand side of the cafe’s entrance. These will be used later.

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You may go up to the bouncers outside the café with the invitation in hand, be frisked, and walk in without anybody blinking an eyelash.

The next step is to create a guest list.

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You must use the lockpick on the staff room door on your right as you enter the café once inside. You can get a waiter disguise inside, which you’ll need for the remainder of the mission. You can acquire a lockpick from the toilet on the other side of the café if you don’t have one. Turn on the radio until the waiter’s attention is diverted, then turn it off. Hide inside the box until the waiter comes out to check, then leap out and subdue them. You may now utilize their disguise to conceal their body.

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There’s some emetic rat poison in the bathroom beside the radio. Take it to the bar and pick it up. The drink on the left-hand side of the bar must be poisoned. This will be consumed by the NPC with the Guest List, who will then go to the restroom.

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Run outside the café via the same entrance you entered as you wait for this NPC to consume her poison. Another bathroom may be found to your left. The lady you poisoned earlier should be vomiting her guts out right now. Subdue her and place her in the box with her corpse. Take the key she drops since you’ll need it later.

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Return to the location where the lady was when you poisoned her with the key in hand. You may now enter the door of the store here with the key you found and take some deadly poison from within. If you’d rather not poison her, use the lockpick to get access to her store while she’s not looking.

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You must now enter the café once again. You do not need to present an invitation as a waiter. Wait for the NPC to consume the poison and then go to the restroom. Subdue her and conceal her corpse once she’s inside. Pick up the Guest List from the floor where she will have dropped it. You may also leave the Guest List here, finish the remainder of the task, then return for it after you’re sure the dangerous portion is done.

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Mr. Giggles (Step 4)

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To assassinate the target, rush over to the business where he’s holding a meeting. Even if the store is secured and locked, you can still go inside. To begin, sprint to the shop’s location as seen on the map below.

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You must be frisked by the guards and then wait for an NPC to unlock the door while standing uncomfortably against it. You can walk inside once the door is open without anybody staring at you suspiciously.

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Then go to the second floor. Keep an eye out for one NPC up here that can see through your disguise. On the bottom section of the roof, there are two glasses on a tiny table. You must use deadly poison on the one on the left.

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You now have two options. You have the option of running downstairs to the truck and waiting for the escape to activate, or you may stay and see Mr. Giggles die. If you wish to listen to the conversation, go below; if not, go upstairs. The exit will trigger as soon as the target is down, and you may escape.

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