Riot Games has just released a complete list of patch notes for the Valorant 1.04 update. The update brought many changes and settings to the game, including changes to some of the agents in Valorant. Below is the complete list of fixes for the Valorant 1.04 update.

Patchnotes for side effect 1.04 in Valorant

Lush games



Snake pit

  • The maximum time for the Ultra sound before it collapsed was 5>>>> 12 seconds.
  • Viper can hold the skill key in his hands to throw him early.
  • Enemies in the viper pit hide their minimal size and offer no minimal detection of allies.
  • Increases the clarity of the enemy’s red glow on the edge of the Viper’s close-up view.


  • The enemy’s rate of descent per second rose from 10 to 15 from all sources.
  • After the smoke has escaped from the viper, the enemy resists decomposition for 2.5 seconds before it is extinguished.


  • The presence of the toxic cloud and the toxic screen does not consume any additional fuel over and above the cost of an active filter.


  • The final price of the show stoppage has risen from 6 to 7 Ulti points.


  • The final cost of the orbital effect has been reduced from 6 to 7 ultra-points.
  • The Stim Beacon no longer dampens the enemies and shows no enemy range.
  • Loyalty at the hands of Brimstone.


  • The Cybercell can now be removed at the time of purchase.



The most important correction here was a right-click on the classic, but we saw an opportunity to make the weapon’s behaviour a little more consistent. We have slightly adjusted the efficiency of the right-click jumps, but (hopefully) we have not robbed them of their feasibility in narrow scenarios.

  • An error was corrected when the inaccuracy of the right mouse button was much greater than expected.
    • the race added a penalty of 1.5 for referring to our generalized error curves on the guns.
  • Corrected an error for which no penalty was foreseen in case of inaccuracy during the jump.
  • The current gap has been reduced from 3.4 >> 2.1.
  • The distribution of the jumps went from 1.9 >> 2.3.
  • The walking distance has increased from 1.9 >> 1.95.
  • Extra 10% bonus for squatting and immobility accuracy.
    • The aim is to feel compatible with the squat, which offers the advantage of precision.


Replace the old text field weapon statistics in the pre-shop with a graphical representation of the statistics that is easier to compare.


  • The cone-shaped inspection cones are now being painted by the team.
  • I changed Rayna’s voice to Italian and Mexican.
    • Unfortunately, the talents we identified for this role could not be seized by KOVID-19 due to regional limitations. You can now find in the game the voices we originally planned for the Italian and Mexican Rhine!

Elderberry skins

  • Adjusting the volume of animation on the Elderflame operator’s equipment
  • Fixed a bug that caused volume accumulation in the presence of spam.
  • Enemy kicks the ducks cosmetic bus well
    • This means that the movements of the enemy always reduce the volume of the sound effects of the skin that are not important for gameplay, such as flame whistles, the roar of dragons, etc..
  • Elderflame’s melee inspection animation now has sound effects for levels 1 and 2


  • Pickup Targeting and Sage Ultimate Targeting are combined with highlighting allied icons to maintain VRam and GPU performance.
  • Correction of minor errors during playback
  • Gun skin updates are now streamed instead of stored locally, reducing the size of the installation by 380 MB.


  • The requirement that the Rhine must look at the globes of the soul in order to activate them and promote their healing has been established. The behaviour shall be in accordance with patch 1.02.
  • Fixes the one-sided sulfur smoke when the player’s camera is on top of the smoke.
  • Fixed abuse of Breach’s Aftershock to damage all characters when influenced by multiple characters.
  • fixed vibration when Sova drones reach their maximum height
  • Marshall’s mistake was corrected if the gun was accurate when it worked.
  • Problems with some opacity effects left by an image (e.g. the Jett movement when using the player) have been solved.
  • The lack of allied lighting on some AMD GPUs when using MSAA and some Intel GPUs has been remedied.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screens not to cover the entire screen when loaded when reading in certain combinations of resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Short text on the screen to warn of light sensitivity
  • A bug fixed where the Equip button remained grey when a skin was bought in the preview.
  • Smoke from an old grey stone on the spawning ground of the harbour, where it was planned.
  • A typo in Brimstone’s biography has been corrected (thanks to Muonlim for the report).

The Valorant is now available on the PC.

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