Because I knew at a young age that he wanted to be a writer, I grew up with stories in all their forms: books, films, television programmes and especially video games. So every now and then I play multiplayer, but you’ll always see that I’m looking for the next big story. Haven, now on PS5, is a game that immediately caught my attention.

Two lovers, fleeing from their former lives, are on an alien planet and have nothing but themselves to keep each other company]. Love is an easy feeling to reproduce, but capturing it is something completely different. Let’s discover how these literally star-eyed enthusiasts overcome the dangers of both survival and burgeoning relationships.

A fascinating story that keeps you informed of all the ups and downs of.

Harbor occurs on an alien planet called Source, where two lovers named Yu and Kay escaped and survived the crash by landing on their spaceship. Instead of focusing on how their relationship began, the game starts after they’ve been together for a while.

Thanks to the excellent spelling, the player does not feel like a third wheel in this respect. Their struggle is appropriate, and even if their relationship starts in the classic honeymoon phase, it is plausible and charming from the beginning.

They’re joking, arguing, laughing, crying. It’s a sci-fi world, but Yu and Kei’s fight seems too real. Since I’ve been in a relationship for a long time, I’ve found parts of myself and my partner in both parts, which has made me attached to these characters from the beginning of the adventure.

Talk about a real relationship: You can play in Haven as a single player, controlling both Yu and Kay, or you can ask someone to join a local cooperative. Given the romantic character of the story, I think it would be uncomfortable to play with a friend, but if you have a Player 2 in your life, this is probably the best way to experience the game.

Historic events take place all over the world, but the most intimate moments take place in the nest that is your ship and home base. This is where people talk, sleep, cook, shower and take care of each other in between world trips.

Although the game never expresses itself in more romantic moments, she is not afraid to let her characters express their love. Again, this may not be the best experience for a group of friends, but the authenticity of the relationship takes place in these very human moments.

The relationship between Yu and Kei is not exactly passive either. You must select the dialogue options for each of these options, or ask another player to decide on their answers. You can play them as you like, but some options will build trust and improve the dynamics of the relationship, but as in any relationship there will be arguments that it can be interesting to navigate alone or work together.

Not only will they have to decide on the choice of dialogue for each character, but they will also have to use their combat skills, which goes far beyond the turn-by-turn system I expected for screenshots and trailers.

Fighting is indeed an important part of the Port experience, because it is the most difficult, although there are difficulties if you prefer. Whether you play alone or in a local cooperative, the battle takes place in real time. So you will first have to analyse your enemies before you can use, for example, ranged combat, melee or shield.

Enemies in the game are infected with a substance called rust, which can be dispersed by their own energy source, the current that forms the basis of your attacks. From the very beginning of the battle you have to be careful, because you can block one character and attack the other, but the blocking character will be ahead of the other to absorb the damage.

Some enemies require you to attack both at the same time, and other in-game combat additions require you to plan before taking action to keep both players healthy.

I leave the place at the last place in the overall picture of the game, because it’s the deepest of them all. When you travel around the world in hydraulically driven boots, you will experience a great sense of surprise and discovery, but your real activity is limited to collecting ingredients and picking up rust shards to clean up the various floating islands in the world.

Moreover, when planning certain islands, it is necessary to walk until you find your way over the river bridges. I would like to say that collecting a river that follows shiny blue lines all over the world to the end is an exciting way of moving.

The relationship between Yu and Kay is also subtle and discreet when you examine it. Whether they hug each other in the form of an empty animation or hold hands and slide over the neon grass, you can feel their love for each other, even outside the script series.

Soon, in the game, you will also receive the card that I greeted, because I lost several times, that was a joke of the characters in the game. The map is not very detailed and only shows the connections between the islands and gives a little more detailed information based on the registrations of the characters.

In between battles you can cook different recipes in the nest or in the camps you find all over the world, but it’s a simple mechanism to put the ingredients together and enjoy the result. There are a few nuances, as cooking your partner’s favourite dish helps strengthen your bond, which is doubled in proportion to your level in role-playing.

Although some of the game mechanisms seem a bit flat, one cannot deny the serenity of quietly studying the game. The combination of different mechanics also prevents things from repeating too much, and the story itself is supported by excellent writing and an excellent voice to keep you informed.

Love may be blind, but this game is great.


A credible relationship and a nice mix of gameplay mechanisms are at the heart of Haven on PS5, but it’s the visual effects and the soundtrack that really enhance the experience. The opening cinematography, which is a great demonstration of the watercolour style and excellent electronic music, creates a game scene that is as much fun to play as it is to play.

A bright, vibrant color palette and bright, detailed portraits of the characters during the dialogue absolutely explode from the screen in 4K from HDR to PS5. The quality and power modes are also enabled, but because of their beauty, I chose quality to maximize image quality.

The soundtrack deserves a special touch because it really breathes and intrigues the environment. These tracks, composed by DANGER, are full of electronic beats, thin ambient reflex songs and rebellious rhythms that evoke both intrigue and wonder.

Rarely in the game do you sink into something as dirty and difficult as love while trying to give the player a chance to enjoy the game. The involvement of a local cooperative is a brilliant move that makes this game ideal for couples. Like every relationship it has its own maxims and minima, but like love itself, these maxims make it all worthwhile.

Last score: 8.5/10

A copy of Haven was made available for inspection by PS5 Gamers.

Article on – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 12/4/2020

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