We don’t talk about it much, but it’s an exciting project that my friends and I started four years ago. What started as writing video game reviews for fun turned into a second job for all of us. We started by providing a free press for independent games like Strafe, AVARIAVS and Hero : Tales of Toms. It is these partnerships that have allowed us to become the slightly smaller site we are today. As a group, we still often report on independent releases, but the office side of our work has shifted lately in favor of big Kickstarter projects. So, when Justin Crooks was looking for someone to cover his next Bush Poo family contest, I was glad to have some old-fashioned writing to fall back on.

Bush Poo is a family game where you have to defy your luck with a scenario that everyone with kids knows. You took your family for a refreshing walk in the woods, but your kids decided (yet again) not to go to the bathroom before you left. They know there’s a toilet at the top of the mountain, so now it’s a race to the top before a poop disaster happens. One to four players race to the outhouse at the end of the path while earning points by collecting leaves, just in case.

Players may advance one or two squares at a time. When you’re racing to the top of a mountain, of course you want to go as fast as possible. But if Bush Pu can shake things up a bit more than you think. Players who move up two places must also discard the top two cards of the Poo stack. Discarded cards have no effect, but they bring players closer to the end of the game. A Poop Explosion card is shuffled with the last five cards of the deck, ending the game immediately, regardless of where the players are.

Regardless of your decision, players must immediately choose the action depicted on the board. The numbered white squares tell the players to draw as many stones from the draw bag as the number indicated by the square. If the stone is a hand, the player must keep it and gets a point at the end of the game. However, if a player draws a poi token, they must draw a card from the top of the poi pile and deal it immediately.

By landing on a brown space with the letter P, the players must draw a card from the point pile and place it face up. These cards are either a green lucky card that scores points for the player, a challenge card, or a red unlucky card. Unsuccessful cards subtract points from players or prompt them to take undesirable actions, such as B. back to three spaces.

When a challenge card (indicated by a sheet in the lower left corner) appears, the player who drew the card must read it aloud to the other players. Each player must then perform an action as above Make a fart sound! The player who draws the card judges who made the best sound and gives him a leadership token to score with later.

And finally, labels. These unbeatable routes help players reach the top faster, but not without risk. Both card labels show a number that instructs the players to take as many chits as possible from the bag. When all drawn stones are hands, players successfully take the shortest path. However, if they draw one poop token, they must turn back, it even costs them a turn. The shorter the detours on the map, the riskier the route.

The game is simple enough to be taught to players, and from start to finish it only takes about 15 minutes, making it an easy warm-up game. The mechanics are ideal for young children and lend themselves well to learning simple consideration strategies to know when to score points for themselves or increase the risk to their opponents.

Bush Poo is a family game that I would 100% want to play as a kid, especially if you are the oldest of three 90-year-old sons. Although it’s not for sale yet, it will be available on the 1st. Get on Kickstarter. We will update this page with a link as soon as it is available. In the meantime, stay warm and poop before you leave the house.


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