Microsoft’s Halo Infinite is no longer in development by 343 Industries and the multiplayer lead has left. This leaves Microsoft with a decision on whether to cancel or delay the game.

The “halo infinite co op release date” is the latest news in gaming. 343 Industries, who made Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, has left the company and the game’s campaign will also be delayed.

Halo-Infinite-Multiplayer-to-Get-Slayer-SWAT-and-Other-ClassicPhotograph: 343 Industries

Lead multiplayer designer for Halo Infinite, Andrew Witts, has made it known that he is leaving 343 Industries. Normally, this would be bad news, but given the disappointment and controversy that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has caused since its unexpected release in November 2021, perhaps a small celebration is in order. On the other hand, perhaps upper management (such as Bonnie Ross and Frank O’Connor) should receive a firm reprimand. Witts acknowledged that Sunday was his last day working at 343 Industries, but it’s not yet known what will come of him.

My final day with 343 Industries was today. Leading the MP design team during these years has been a privilege. We appreciate all of the comments from @Halo fans throughout the years. For you, we created this game.

I’m going to take a break to unwind and recover, but I can’t wait to see what comes next!

By Andrew Witts on March 5, 2022 (@RevivedAntihero).

The most recent Halo Waypoint update, which says that some of the shooter’s most eagerly awaited features have been delayed even again, brings another piece of mediocre news for Halo Infinite. Campaign network co-op will now debut towards the conclusion of the forthcoming season rather than at the start of Season 2 in early May. Split-screen co-release op’s date is likewise unknown, although 343 Industries has said that it would provide additional details as soon as it can.

Lead multiplayer designer for Halo Infinite departs 343 Industries (PC Gamer)

  • One of the senior devs on Halo Infinite has yet again left the project.
  • Aaron Linde, the main narrative designer for the game, left for Riot Games earlier this year. Tim Longo, the creative director, and Chris Lee, the project director, will depart from their positions in 2019 and 2020, respectively.
  • Assuring fans that change was a normal part of progress in 2020, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said, “As an industry, we’re always going to experience turnover. I’m not too worried about 343. Because we want employees who are really engaged by the job they are doing, I believe turnover is ultimately a good thing.


  • On the Campaign network co-op, we’re moving along really well. To be clear, this work has been going on at the same time as our Forge work and Season 2 development.
  • However, the truth is that it will take more time to develop a top-notch, fully functional 4-player network co-op experience in Halo Infinite’s vast, open universe.
  • As a result, on May 3rd, when Season 2 begins, we will be unable to ship Campaign network co-op. However, we are still hoping to bring Campaign network co-op later in Season 2, and we will as soon as we can announce a release date for both of them as well as split-screen co-op.

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The “halo infinite news” is that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer lead has left 343 Industries and the campaign co-op has been delayed.

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