After a successful run of the God of War video game, Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to adapt it into an Amazon Prime Video TV series. The show will be based on the events depicted in the previous games and will have its own storyline with new characters. Although no release date has been announced, fans are excited for what could come next from this popular title.

The “god of war tv show amazon prime” is a series that will be coming to Amazon Prime in 2019. The show is based on the popular video game, God of War.

Arrival of the God of War TV Series on Amazon



Kratos will kill gods in a new kind of battle. According to Deadline, Amazon Prime Video will soon host a TV show based on the God of War video game. The showrunners of The Wheel of Time and The Expanse, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and Rafe Judkins, according to Deadline, will be behind God of War. Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions will likely be producing with Amazon. There is no information yet on any authors, actors, or a release date. The God of War series centers on Kratos, a Spartan soldier who seeks retribution against the Greek God Ares after his family is killed. When they won’t leave him alone, they turn to the rest of the Olympian pantheon (and, eventually, the Norse Gods in the fourth game, or the seventh, depending on how many you count), who then pursue him. Since this is a video game adaptation, it’s equally likely that Kratos will be a busy professional trying to impress the rigid board of directors at her company while juggling a crazy romance with the cute delivery boy from the water bottle supply truck. One imagines the series will at least start with the plot of the first game, God of War. (Has someone mentioned Kate Hudson? Since Kate Hudson should presumably be mentioned.)


I have zero enthusiasm for this. I like the God of War video games (the major ones, the only ones I’ve played), and Kratos is a great character whose troubled background, perverse morals, and efforts at atonement make for an engrossing continuous plot. But we already have that; the games, which are still in progress and will soon be joined by God of War: Ragnarok, accurately convey his narrative. After leaving no Greek Gods remaining, Kratos made the brilliant decision to switch to Norse Mythology. This basically exposes Kratos’ realm to whatever tale the makers would choose to explore—or, in this instance, obliterate piece by bloodiest piece. In other words, as long as the games continue to sell, the series may continue for a very long time and we wouldn’t be without Kratos action. The God of War epic may be brought to life without the use of a television program. The dismal history of video game adaptations also leads one to believe that the adjective “bastardized” is the appropriate one; they have a terrible track record, and current production hasn’t improved much. As for Amazon, their adaptations are hit or miss; for every Jack Ryan that just puts some known faces onto whatever the showrunners feel like doing that week, there’s a Jack Reacher that really adapts the original material. It doesn’t help to ease the anxieties to have the man who created the Wheel of Time, which the fans despise. While I haven’t watched The Expanse, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have produced some quality work, like Iron Man and Children of Men. Who knows, then? However, I believe it’s best to approach this with minimal expectations in the hopes of being pleasantly surprised.

Are you anticipating the God of War TV series? Have you engaged in any gaming? How likely is it that those sex-scene interludes will be shown on television? Keep checking back to Geeks + Gamers for more TV news and let us know in the comments!

The “god of war tv series netflix” is the upcoming Amazon Prime Video show that will be based on the popular video game. It will be available for streaming in 2019.

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