OPERATION – Cyberpunk 2077 has slowed down again and could fill the hole.

Let’s start at the beginning…


Think of the whole game as a mix of Mirror’s Edge floor elements and a few dishonourable jumpers, all playing in a cyberpunk world with the intention of climbing to the top of the tower. That’s exactly what Ghostrunner is, where you, a cybernetic ninja robot, take a sword to destroy various enemies in your path. Speaking of swords, we’re also thinking of combos, and your skills can… Tetris-style mini-game where you have to place all your 2D miniatures in the same place. (I also remember a similar decision in the Mega Man Battle Network GBA game) And if that doesn’t seem easy, I’ve proven my point: The story is not that simple, because you have to keep a close eye on the cutbacks and the plot.

Add to this the fact that the game can sometimes be quite complex, but not in a trial and error like the game of the soul, but in a more profound approach. You can fall down many times (and it will happen many times, believe it or not), and you have to think about how to proceed on stage, and there are some enemies that can also be an unexpected challenge, so a quiet approach can win in this world that has a pretty strong atmosphere: Instead of an AAA price, it’s only half the price, and it’s also available on GOG from the start, so you don’t have to rip your hair out by calling home multiple times like in Denuvo and giving a solid middle finger for those AAA games and that fucking DRM.

Euphoria will win everything, because it will be so much fun to see your silhouette piercing the stage in style and the dictator approaching at the top of the tower. And another thing: Yeah, that’s good. Congratulations, and I think sound is also a power of the game, although I can be a bit of an idiot for a distorted voice as our protagonist, which inspires me?


Precise jumps, well-planned walks and carefully timed slides are accompanied by feverish movements towards the opponents, which slow you down a bit, which doesn’t give you enough opportunity to go around the world in admiration, and it reminds me now, when I think about it, of super hot. Everyone dies at once. That’s all I’m saying. Those who are creative in the game must remain professionals, and the potential presence of frustration can drive away impatient players. That’s too bad. Don’t forget the special skills (all in a straight line – that’s why I thought of dishonor as a blinking movement), or you can use a well-timed shock wave to keep the orbs away. Its deployment, however, does not require planning, but decisions that must be taken within seconds.

What could be the other negative aspect? Um… (Clears throat) Maybe the story isn’t as relevant as you thought, although there are some twists. He may even feel like he’s been caught because he’s not like, say, the super horny guy. And like I said, I’ll say it again: I can’t immediately recommend the Ghostrunner to everyone, because he can grab you by the throat in case of shortness of breath. Here’s the soundtrack, and I suggest you listen to it.


I think only one game this year has achieved this grade, Disco Elysium. I may have exaggerated Ghostrunner a bit, but I think he deserves it because – despite its flaws – it is a game that dares to go against the current trends of AAA and AAAA games (copyright Ubisoft). This game is good. It’s hard, but it’s good. Disappointing, but good. It’s pretty shitty for the quitter. I could give him 9.5 out of 10 if he was a bit taller, because then he might be absent, but if you don’t get your act in order, you won’t notice for a while.

It will be the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch – yes, it will be, since the Ghostrunner’s Switch port was moved in November, when it’s everywhere. Ghostrunner is a game that takes place without paying attention to anything or anyone, and it just does its job, but nothing more.


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+ Audiovisual
+ Environment
+ Gameplay


– It can be too difficult for some
– The story might not be clear, and even then it might stay in the background of
– Maybe a little short.

The publisher: 505 games in total! Games

The promoter: Another plane, a 3D area, ironworks

It’s just like: Cyberpunk parkour moth

Date of exemption : 27. October 2020

BACKGROUND – Because Cyberpunk 2077 has stretched again, it could fill the void.   Let’s start at the beginning… Tower Imagine the game as a whole as a mix of Mirror’s Edge floor elements and a pair of dishonourable platformers, all placed in the cyberpunk world and aimed at reaching the top of the tower. That’s exactly what Ghostrunner is, where you, a cybernetic ninja robot, grabs a sword to destroy various enemies in your path. And speaking of swords, let’s not forget the combos, and your skills can be improved by… Tetris…

Ghostrunner – The SuperPunk of the mirror

Ghostrunner – The SuperPunk of the mirror



The ghosts of the old world are gone.

Gambling – 8.5

Graphs – 9.3

Historical – 8.4

Music/Audio – 9.8

Environment – 9



The ghosts of the old world are gone.

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